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Online Recruitment Agency for Healthcare Services – 89% Conversion Rates – 77% Profit Margins – $500k in Pipeline

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Website Closers® presents a Job Recruitment Company that matches employers within the Health Care Field with qualified job applicants, helping to facilitate the hiring of Physicians and Registered Nurses and giving employers quick access to the strongest possible job candidates. Their service has been in high demand since the company was first launched because there is a major shortage of both doctors and nurses in all 50 states. This company has created a seamless online experience to posting open positions and then marketing to applicants through popular job boards operating within this industry.

Over 3 years ago, the founder recognized that there was a clear need for a specialized online recruiting tool, and the company’s success demonstrates that. They now enjoy 77% Net Profit Margins and have $500,000+ in the pipeline as they continue to grow. With a minimal workload for this highly automated business and a detailed Standard Operation Procedure in place for a buyer to take advantage of, this company is positioned to grow as the need for qualified physicians and RNs gets more critical in the years ahead.

The company’s goal from the start was to offer an experienced team of Physician Recruiters to provide resources and dedicated help to healthcare facilities. These facilities include Medical Centers, Long Term Care Centers, public and private hospitals, private practices, and Urgent Care centers. Through this online platform, these facilities gain the access they need to attract first-rate talent, especially if these facilities need someone experienced in a particular medical specialty.

The brand operates on a contingency basis, providing free search efforts until they locate the right candidate, when their contracted fee kicks in. These contingency partnerships within the healthcare industry have given the company plenty of strong brand recognition in a field that continues to grow rapidly as Baby Boomers age and require more medical care.

The company is working in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing sectors. In the U.S. alone, the healthcare industry accounts for 14% of all workers and not only employs 20 million people but averages a massive 1.2 million job openings every year. Healthcare spending represented 18.3% of the U.S. economy in 2021, bringing in $4.3 trillion in revenue.

The persistent shortage of physicians and nurses across the country has increased the need for sophisticated job placement services that can help healthcare facilities find the talent they need. This company has expertly created a process for doing just that, and the results speak for themselves.

The Company

Launched in 2020, the company has a team of experienced virtual assistants responsible for sourcing candidates through a variety of employment platforms. That ranges from general job recruitment sites such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter to specialized sites, such as Doccafe, a job board for those working in the medical field. Doccafe and the National Coalition of Health Care Recruiters website each provide a meaningful array of their referrals, and the company has determined how to successfully cast the widest net when it comes to finding talent for clients.

Their SOP enables the company to fully automate this process in ways that meet the needs of both healthcare companies and job applicants. They maintain active email correspondence and outreach with clients looking to hire and reach out to all applicants as well. That includes follow-up calls to ensure interest is maintained on both sides. At the same time, this agency also stays active on new candidate outreach.

This is a well-established system that continuously delivers results to both sides.

The current ownership has also made significant enhancements to the company’s website, including converting it to Zoho Recruit, which provides a wide range of advanced tools for candidate sourcing. including an applicant tracking system. This has made it considerably easier for their VAs to locate new applicants and has reduced the company’s overall expenses.

The Operations

Advanced recruitment software has given the company a distinct advantage in this field, but so has their team. Their Virtual Assistants oversee crucial tasks that include:

  • Maintaining Client Relationships
  • Identifying and recruiting doctors and nurses
  • Finding diverse sources for recruiting talent
  • Providing outreach services tailored to the needs of each client

The VAs also handle the company’s Pipeline Management, maintaining full communication during every step of the recruitment pipeline so that both clients and applicants are given the attention they want and deserve. As a result, this company has a smooth and enormously effective operation.

The current ownership has believed from the start in delivering a personal touch during client interactions, which helps them develop positive relationships that build trust and gives them excellent brand recognition within this field.

The company generates its revenue from a flat fee or percentage after a placement is made with a healthcare client. Those clients start by taking advantage of their recruitment services for free, making this an even more attractive proposition. Their contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with each employer to ensure it meets their specific needs.

The Process

For job applicants, their website was designed so candidates can conveniently submit their applications. After that, they receive targeted emails as the start of a personalized communication outreach with them.

Using Doccafe and NAHCR as their primary source for finding new candidates, the company can rapidly find candidates through a simple Google search. The company also enjoys referrals from representatives of Medical Device firms that are in constant contact with their healthcare facility clients looking to grow their offices by bringing on new physicians. The company maintains an impressive 89% conversion rate for candidates who apply to their job listings through Doccafe.

The company is also exploring opportunities through Octopus CRM, a LinkedIn automation software that helps businesses recruit candidates. This is expected to give the company heightened visibility among doctors and nurses who use LinkedIn and are searching for a new position.  It will also put the brand and its services in front of more passive candidates who may be planning to start job hunting in the near future.

A buyer could easily scale this business in numerous ways, including by bringing on a sales team to provide outreach to medical and healthcare facilities and expand their partnerships with hospital organizations that are a vital source for finding new clients.

Another option would be to engage in additional social media marketing, including video marketing on sites such as YouTube and TikTok to introduce themselves to prospective clients and job candidates.

As long as there remains a severe shortage of physicians and nurses across the country, the services this agency provides will stay in high demand. With the growing need for even more specialized health care for the aging Baby Boomer generation, no one expects the worker shortage in this field to improve anytime soon.

But this company has shown it can provide a very valuable service to both medical facilities and physicians looking for opportunities, and with a highly valuable SOP in place, an experienced team able to carry out daily operations, and growing revenues, this is a true miracle cure for an ambitious buyer.

The current ownership is committed to assisting in the transition to ensure the new owner is fully up to speed on how their SOP gets managed.

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