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The target is a Highly Agile Online Service Marketplace focused primarily on digital services for entrepreneurs, digital business owners, and e-commerce companies. The 100+ core services offered include Virtual Assistants, Customer Service, Graphic Design, WordPress, Amazon Management, Shopify, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO, social media management, website development, content creation, and bookkeeping. All of the services offered through the marketplace occur and are paid through the target’s custom-built software solution.

This business was founded and has been bootstrapped by two veteran owners blazing a trail of their own in the face of larger, extant portals. This business innovates and provides an alternative solution to the conventional online hiring marketplace model by alleviating the core frustrations that occur within most of the major networks today.

Ensuring quality of labor by thoroughly vetting applicants, this custom-built software platform is purpose-built to decrease turnover, increase the quality of personnel hired, and very simply increase value overall for both parties, making the platform a win for everyone involved. Thanks to this dedication to a quality approach, the business boasts a 30% customer retention and repeat business rate. Currently, hourly rate services comprise 90% of revenue while fixed-price services shore up the remainder. Currently enjoying 118% YOY growth, seeing 48% gross revenue growth in 2019 alone, the company sees its clients spend over $700 on an average transaction. Garnering over 350,000 page views monthly and equipped with over 23,000 established email contacts, this service platform stands head and shoulder above its competitors in terms of innovation, allowing it to punch well above its weight.

This company features crystal clean books and an easily managed, highly-trained staff making for a nearly turn-key high-growth opportunity that can be operated anywhere in the world by nearly any new owner with little or no prior knowledge of the space necessary to step in to run this highly potent and innovative, value-added platform.

This Digital Services Marketplace Represented by:
Technology & Website Business Brokers
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Asking Price
$ 9,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,553,977
Gross Income
$ 14,967,093
Year Established

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