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SBA Pre-Approved Online Stock Futures Trading Software & Training Business with Growing Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents a unique opportunity to own a business that is having a major impact on the lucrative field of Futures Trading. Over the past decade, this eCommerce company has developed highly innovative software for the NinjaTrader platform, allowing users to get a quick analysis of the markets and time frames they operate in. In effect, their subscribers get access to key price action indicators that were previously available only by large institutions and major trading firms.

With 8 products now available, the company’s technical trading indicators have drawn highly enthusiastic reviews from customers who call their software among the best in the business. Their Product Offerings range in price, with their top selling product by volume listed at $2,495 and their top seller by gross revenue listed at $9,995. Their average order value is $711.

This brand is also popular because they offer a training subscription service for customers at prices ranging from $99 to $395.  Customers can watch the software running live, ask questions about how it operates and learn about the optimization. Their success at attracting this growing customer base is reflected in the fact that most of their contracts are for ongoing services, rather than one-time fees. That provides this well-established platform with strong recurring revenues, which exceeded $770,000+ in 2020.

A new buyer has an excellent opportunity here because current ownership (the developer of the software) is available to be retained as a consultant during the transition, upwards of two years or more, and support base operations until a new owner has demonstrated expertise in managing the system. That gives the owner the ability to own the company without the pressure of being thrown into a complex system without any backup.

This company’s success owes a great deal to the rising interest in day trading, an industry that is going through a major transition for the retail investor. In the past, trading actively in the stock market was limited to people working for large financial institutions, brokerages, or trading houses. The internet changed that, leading to the sharp rise of online trading houses, which have enabled newcomers and relatively inexperienced investors to get in on the game and see if they can turn it into something lucrative. Many have. As this brand fully understood, the practice of purchasing and selling a security within a single trading day can be extremely challenging for novices. This company’s owner developed a program that used data mining algorithms to identify times in the future when markets were likely to go up or down. That was based on historical patterns that kept recurring with statistical frequency. This led to a new brand, and the two partners introduced the program and set out to acquire credibility within the industry through the power of the software’s predictive abilities. Their IP was developed with no third-party royalty relationships, and they secured branding trademarks.

That was 12 years ago, and the brand has continued to grow and thrive, earning revenues of $347,000+ in 2010 and rising to $840,000+ in 2018. In their most recent year, revenues were close to that figure.

The company has developed 8 products that address the challenges and pitfalls that traders and investors typically experience, and each one demonstrates how to reduce the user’s risks and improve their trading through the company’s predictive timing window. Customers can also learn how to reduce the risk of overtrading by setting a schedule of times to follow.

The company built its customer base by including free installation and ongoing technical support. Their level of customer service has been highly praised by the more than 2,000+ people who have purchased their software. All items they sell are eProducts, and clients are billed on a monthly basis.

The brand has employed some creative marketing techniques, which includes videos posted on their YouTube channel to help prospective customers develop a comfort level with the company and its software before they make a purchase. They now have more than 3,100+ subscribers for their nearly 150 videos.

In addition, the brand employs SEO to maintain a first-page presence for the keywords “Ninjatrader Indicators” and a PPC program launched in 2020 on Google.  They’re also planning to start video ads on their Facebook page. Having built up a loyal audience, this brand is one that requires very few hours of work. The two partners now spend 10-15 hours per week running the business. Tasks such as sales and marketing, making presentations, customer training, accounting and website management are the top activities they focus on, and they also use part-time contractors who work on commission as salespeople.

Most of the operations of this successful eCommerce business runs on auto pilot, with 1-3 customer service contacts each day. This operation is in the ideal position for rapid growth. A new owner could create a subscription service, including a premium subscription option, provided at higher rates. The brand could also migrate to a larger platform in international markets such as China and India, which would provide them with a potential market of billions of prospective customers.

The company could also expand its services to additional trading platforms, while using different types of organic and paid digital marketing to boost traffic to their website. Right now, the company has more than 6,000 monthly visitors to their site, a strong number to build upon.

A buyer for this company would need to be trained to become proficient with the trading software, and it would help if the buyer had a background in investing and trading. The good news is that the current owners have been able to train new users to an 80% proficiency level within just a few weeks.  The buyer does have that option to retain the principal owner as either a consultant or contractor to keep operations flowing smoothly in the short run.

It’s important to keep in mind just how rapidly the field of day trading is expanding. During the 2020 lockdowns, many people with limited experience in day trading started learning more about it and testing their skills. Their numbers are expected to keep growing.

Still, day trading isn’t for everyone, and the practice carries financial risks. That’s why this company’s expert software has proven to be a game changer for so many. Owning this company enables a buyer to get onboard this lucrative gravy train and continue provided this expert advice to everyone jumping into the system.

This Online Stock Trading Business Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Listing ID: WC2334

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 588,159
Gross Income
$ 780,573
Year Established

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