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Patented Amazon eCommerce Brand in the Home & Kitchen Categories – 66 Proprietary SKUs – $15 AOV – All Amazon FBA

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand operating in the home and kitchen vertical. This Brand differentiates itself by identifying popular products from reviews and surveys and enhances them with innovative features and stylish designs, catering to consumers’ evolving tastes and preferences for a distinctive item.

The business includes a range of innovative home and kitchen products, some of which have been granted design patents, showcasing their uniqueness and originality. Notably, the business holds design patents for two products—a one-of-a-kind eggbeater and a distinctive spiral frother head. These patented designs set the brand’s products apart from competitors, ensuring that customers receive exclusive and visually appealing items. Alongside these patented products, the brand offers a diverse selection of home and kitchen essentials, including double-whisk milk frothers with eggbeater, triple-whisk milk frothers, steamers for clothes, laundry pods and powder containers, dryer sheet holders, and more. With a focus on combining functionality with eye-catching design, this brand brings a unique and special touch to the home and kitchen product market.

The niche has experienced a significant surge in popularity in recent years, with online shopping platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay playing a central role in its growth. Consumers are increasingly turning to these platforms to conveniently purchase a wide range of products for their homes and kitchens.

Products are sourced from two primary suppliers in Asia. Three models are manufactured exclusively for the brand. Combined, these proprietary products make up the majority of the SKUs sold.

The business makes use of a 100% stock inventory model. Orders are placed every second month and delivered directly to a 3PL, from where shipments are sent to Amazon facilities. All products are sold FBA and Prime.

The marketing strategy is extraordinarily simple and primarily involves Amazon PPC to promote new products for around three months after their launch. This has kept advertising costs low, and the organic nature of sales is a testament to the public appetite for the brand’s products and their quality. Thousands of glowing reviews and an excellent Seller Rating on Amazon are further evidence.

The owner endures a light workload of around ten hours weekly, focusing primarily on designing products, communicating with suppliers and the shipping agent, and managing customer service.

designing products, communicating with suppliers and the shipping agent, and managing customer service.

As a result, an ambitious new owner will have plenty of time to scale the business through an abundance of methods. Enhancing product listings on Amazon is low-hanging fruit. With minimal effort, rich media and optimized descriptions would maximize conversion rates.

The brand could expand its product line with unique offerings based on market research, emerging trends, and consumer demands. International expansion, too, is a viable strategy to tap into new markets, either through Amazon or localized eCommerce websites. Leveraging social media platforms would enhance brand visibility and engage customers through compelling content, active interaction, and targeted ad campaigns.

Collaborating with influencers in the home and kitchen space is also an enticing prospect to promote products and reach a wider audience effectively. At the same time, strategic partnerships with complementary brands can facilitate cross-promotion and co-marketing opportunities for mutual growth.

Implementing a subscription model is worth considering to produce recurring revenue and increase customer retention, and diversifying sales channels by selling on additional platforms like Shopify would facilitate the expansion of the customer base.

Investing in SEO will likely improve organic visibility and drive more traffic to product listings, with excellent long-term returns.

Furthermore, licensing opportunities for patented designs may produce additional revenue streams and brand recognition.

Projections for the continued growth of the home and kitchen eCommerce market are promising. Factors such as the increasing number of internet users, expanding consumer base, and technological advancements are expected to fuel this development. As such, this business is primed for sustained profitability and development under capable new stewardship.

This Amazon Business is Represented by:

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WC 3098

Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 348,426
Gross Income
$ 3,369,781
Year Established

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