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Personalized, In-House Designed Wooden Products Ecommerce Brand – Shopify Website Sales with a Strong Social Following


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has become a popular source for unique wooden pieces that are not only beautiful but also thoughtful. Their premium catalog offers a remarkable collection of elegant wooden products that can each be personalized to fit its owner. So, consumers aren’t just shopping for another wooden item, but a heartwarming keepsake that is customized to the customer’s desires. The offerings are high quality engravings, art and wooden products using only the highest quality wooden materials in each of the items – all of which are made right here in the USA. The company operates on word-of-mouth advertising, has 150+ SKUs in its catalog and an Average Order Value of $170. Repeat Business has given them a phenomenal Customer Lifetime Value of $525, divided between DTC and B2B sales, with high ratings from both. Sales are booming during wedding and baby shower season, and their SKUs have become popular gifts for the holidays and special events.

Many SKUs are designed in-house by the company’s team and manufactured specifically for them. Their SKUs are certain to grow, since the company is constantly testing and adding new items and offering limited edition pieces. Products currently offered include Custom Name Signs, Wooden Rounds, Pallet Signs, Monograms, Framed Signs, and more. And by being a Personalization Company, defensive moats are built in since it is much harder for 3rd parties to compete when literally every piece is custom crafted.

Their audience has been highly responsive, from business owners looking for signs to decorate their shop or salon to families looking for personalized decorative items for their home. As the U.S. real estate market continues to thrive and home sales keep breaking records, there is likely to be a massive market for all forms of home décor items, and the same is true as the economy rebounds and more entrepreneurs open their own shop.

This is an enormously profitable industry. The global home decor market is valued at $616.6 billion and projected to reach $838.6 billion by 2027. This is the art of designing the internal and external spaces of homes and businesses, making them either more functional or more aesthetically appealing, and the industry covers a wide range of items including furniture, rugs and textiles, kitchen & dining decor and floor coverings.

For this brand, smart marketing tactics have enabled them to quickly find their core market, and from that point on, word of mouth became a significant driver of sales and has provided this company with impressive growth opportunities. All their products are sold under their brand name and manufactured by two U.S. suppliers who handle shipments to customers via drop ship. This has proven to be an effective shipping model for the company, which does not keep any inventory on hand, saving cash flow associated with holding inventory, managing a warehouse, etc.

Products are manufactured once a customer places an order. That has become a significant part of the company’s appeal. Customers have come to appreciate the high quality of their products. Once an order is placed, customers accept the amount of time it takes to create a truly outstanding original piece.

Sales have been thriving since inception. Their main customer demographics are women between the ages of 25-36. While sales are consistent throughout the year, their SKUs have become highly popular gift items at particular times of the year, especially spring and summer, which is the peak season for weddings and baby showers, and around Christmas.

While the company makes plenty of sales to homeowners, they also have a growing base of small business owners. Their SKUs have become popular gift items for a host of special events.

Social media played a key role in the beginning of this business. The company has effectively used social media to post photos of customers demonstrating how their signs look in their home or business, and they’ve developed a nice following on Instagram (71K+ followers) and Facebook (30K+). On both sites, customer testimonials have become as critical to their success as photos and videos.

The brand has effectively used influencer promotions to build name recognition across social media channels and runs ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Another key tool has been their effective email marketing campaign which is used for cross sells and promotions. They have 84,000+ subscribers in their email database, a good indication of how rapidly their customer base has grown in the past two years. These digital marketing efforts have paid off for the business. Their Shopify website, where sales are conducted, now has an average monthly rate of 84K+ visitors.

Their reviews, prominently posted on their website, are very effective at helping increase new customer conversion rates. The many 5 Star Reviews they get from customers who praise the quality of their products, and their excellent customer service, have been a major factor in enabling this company to grow so quickly. While sales on the company’s website have grown, additional sales channels include Amazon and Etsy, introducing the brand’s SKUs to the massive national audience on those eCommerce giants. Because the company does so well with small business owners, there are opportunities to take advantage of an affiliate’s marketing and referral program to drive B2B sales.

The brand has additional opportunities on social media, including expanding onto popular sites such as Pinterest and expanding their video marketing to YouTube and TikTok. Additionally, the introduction of a Loyalty Program to offer rewards, discounts, and other special incentives to attract and retain customers and encourage repeat business would surely be a success.

This is a highly automated business that now requires just 10 hours per week to operate. The company employees 8 full-time workers, including a manager, graphic designer, and 6 customer service reps who handle 85 emails, 35 phone calls and 20 text messages on a daily basis from customers. Other tasks include marketing, developing new products, and product research.

Within just three years, this company has appealed to a passionate community of homeowners and small business owners who love their stylish home décor and have become loyal customers. A great deal of their success has come from the referrals and testimonials they get from those repeat buyers. This brand now has immense scaling potential, a compelling offer for an ambitious buyer ready to take this platform to soaring new heights.

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