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Premium Cooking Kits eCommerce Brand Selling on Amazon & Shopify – $55 AOV – Strong Branding & Design on Packaging & Online Offers

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Website Closers® presents a business that designs and manufactures curated cooking kits. Each kit includes all the tools, instructions, and specialty ingredients to learn a new culinary technique. It makes a thoughtful and exciting gift to give and receive in a world where we all have enough impractical belongings.

Search behavior shows that consumers are not only looking for meaningful gifts but also those that are available quickly. Searches for “last-minute DIY gifts” have grown globally by over 400% YOY.

This brand has positioned itself perfectly to meet that demand. The company uses a 100% stock inventory model, and all Amazon kits are sold on Prime. Orders on the Shopify website are delivered within 48 to 72 hours. The growing interest in cooking and thoughtful gifts creates an ideal market for specialty cooking kits like these.1

The business began on Amazon, which maintains its position as the largest revenue generator but could be expanded significantly with wholesale. Notably, the Amazon storefront is managed by an agency, freeing up time for product development and expansion.

All the gift sets are original concepts of the brand’s design with original packaging and branding. The company holds multiple US copyrights for works of art. In addition, it has one original concept tool, where the tooling fee was purchased after being engineered and designed.

Several retailers sell the product, but it is never white labeled. Instead, all products sold have the original brand name.

Logistics are incredibly organized and well set up for a new owner. The experience of one of the owners is evident in this regard. She has a degree in manufacturing management with expertise in sourcing, production, and fulfillment. Additionally, she has worked as a merchandising coordinator for a large corporation and as an operations manager in the food industry. As a result, sourcing to assembly looks as follows:

The raw materials for the kits are sourced from China, while box and paper goods are sourced domestically. All pieces are sent to a kitting facility in California and assembled according to each product’s production tech pack. The company has 17 suppliers, including overseas product vendors, freight forwarders, domestic spice vendors, packaging and printed goods, shipping material, and assembly services. Each kit takes goods and services from approximately ten suppliers.

The business founders have excellent complementary skills. One has a background in graphic design and photography and was the owner and creative director of a branding agency for six years. That agency specialized in company naming, visual brand identity, product photography, and web design for small businesses. In addition, she worked directly with clients to design their brand and packaging and shoot and edit their product and lifestyle photography, amongst other tasks.

Her remarkable skills are abundantly clear with incredible design from boxes, recipe cards, photography, and everything in between.

Notably, many of these intangible, precious assets will be transferred to a new owner. They include kit production design files, Amazon product photos and A+ content, social media images and videos, optimized blog posts with original photography, and hundreds of lifestyle and product photos.

The company has enormous growth potential. Additional products are an obvious next step. The brand is launching its sixth kit in September 2022, with another concept kit tested and sourced, with preliminary die lines and instructions ready to proceed.

Expanding the wholesale side of this business makes perfect sense, given the unique nature and quality of the products. The company has recently secured a large account and intends to forge further partnerships. The wholesale side of the business currently in place is not included in the financials but will transfer to the new owners as part of the deal.

Additional sales channels, such as Walmart and Etsy, can introduce the products to a new audience of millions and potentially boost revenue significantly. PPC advertising and an enhanced social media strategy would also make sense.

The brand has not yet tapped into the industry’s colossal influencer marketing opportunities, affiliate relationships, or comprehensive email marketing. All options have shown a great return on investment in this niche and can easily be outsourced.

There is immense opportunity for a new owner to scale the operation with mass retail. The brand is ideally placed to prosper in the massive wholesale market in this vertical, and a focused initiative could produce an entirely new and substantial revenue stream, increasing repeat business. Furthermore, a buyer with an established sales or buying network can take this company to new heights via this channel.

This business has the demand, customer base, and service values that consumers love and appreciate and unique selling points enticing to any prospective new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 525,000
Cash Flow
$ 151,752
Gross Income
$ 753,980
Year Established

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