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Premium Crafting Supplies eCommerce Brand | Many Unique SKUs | MultiChannel Sales | 30 Years in Business | Rising B2B Sales | Heavily Viewed on Pinterest

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Website Closers® presents an online retailer with 30 years of experience marketing an impressively diverse collection within the Art Supply niche space, with products that have given the brand a loyal and devoted following as the go-to website for craft supplies. With an educational blog on its website and video tutorials on doll making and creating bead necklaces, the company is well-loved by many crafters and professional artists.

Many of the company’s products are manufactured in the U.S. for this eCommerce business and sold under their brand name. These are products that can’t be found in regular bricks and mortar retail shops, which has built up the company’s brand recognition and customer loyalty. Many of their customers have been buying from them not for years, but for decades, and continue returning to make new purchases. One word of praise the company often hears is from customers who say they’re very thankful they discovered this website. Those customers also love having this website as a resource for questions about their craft projects, an important metric in the company’s brand reputation.

The company is drawing consistent profits from marketing 1,000+ SKUs available at an Average Order Value of $65, and these items are successfully marketed across multiple sales channels that include their WooCommerce website, Amazon, and Etsy. That allows a buyer to scale this company by not only launching new products but also by expanding onto additional sales channels such as Walmart, Target, and eBay.

At the moment, though, this company has found great success on Amazon, which has given them the ability to make fast shipments and improve customer service, and Etsy, a popular site for arts and crafts buyers, and one where the company maintains an average 5-star rating.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for an online company with a solid track record of increasing profits and multiple scale opportunities. We anticipate buyers will recognize that value for 3 important reasons:

  1. Loyal Customers. This company has enjoyed impressive profit margins by focusing on products that are not widely available in brick-and-mortar stores. The company also carries a wide selection of colors and varieties at lower, competitive costs that customers appreciate. This has given the company the dynamic combination of a fast-growing audience and rising growth for their highly sought-after SKUs that many competitors don’t offer.
  2. Automated Business. The company operates smoothly with an increasing number of functions performed by Amazon or Etsy, and the current ownership works approximately 25 hours a week operating this company with the assistance of two part-time employees. Numerous functions could be handled by virtual assistants, and the company operates smoothly enough that it can handle shipping 100+ orders per day. The company maintains at least $100,000+ in inventory to keep up with incoming orders.
  3. Growth Opportunities. The expansion potential for this business is enormous. This is the perfect opportunity for an ambitious investor to take this company’s 30-year track record and devoted audience and raise it to the next level. Having achieved so much financial success without a devoted marketing budget, a vibrant social media marketing campaign would be an assured way of boosting profits even higher. A new owner can also take advantage of the company’s reputation for excellent customer service to launch new SKUs, including in related verticals, and enjoy a skyrocketing percentage of upsells and crosssells.

The Company

For 30 years, the company has been a major resource for crafters, artists, and other professionals looking for supplies that include high-quality fabric products like the ones made exclusively for this brand. Their unique doll-making kits are a popular item and were designed by this company and copyrighted. The company has other items that are exclusive to the business, which has attracted the attention of some prominent social influencers who have started working with them.

Their long-standing website still makes up the bulk of their sales, about 65%, but the expansion into additional channels has been a game changer for the company. Amazon now represents 20% of their sales, and Etsy is 10%. The company has also enjoyed success offering customers a 30-day invoicing plan for larger orders, now 5% of their total profits.

Their sales remain steady throughout the year but have some impressive peak times, including around the holidays, and between late August through the end of March. The fact that the company markets products to schools and other organizations in addition to DTC sales brings them steady business. The company has successful long-term relationships with many schools.

Their customer demographics are diverse and include middle-class and upper-income women between the ages of 35-65 with a passion for being creative and doing projects with highquality materials. With more than 1,000+ SKUs to pick from, these buyers have tended to become long-term customers, and the company gets plenty of repeat business from professional fiber artists and doll makers who purchase from them several times a year. The company also has a rising number of B2B sales to craft businesses.


The company’s consistent profits were accomplished without a committed marketing budget, which goes a long way in demonstrating how successful word-of-mouth testimonials from happy customers have been in driving their profits higher.

In addition to the new affiliate campaign, which is positively expanding their customer base, an email newsletter sent to subscribers is increasing sales. With 7,000+ subscribers, the company has a sizeable base for emails that employ promotions, special deals, and new product launches to effectively drive sales higher.

The company also has a social media marketing campaign on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, where they are getting an impressive 40,000+ monthly views. Their platform on WooCommerce has an internal SEO program that helps put their platform in front of viewers through search engines. The company’s blog has become a very popular resource among its buyers.

That leaves a new owner with plenty of scale options, including boosting the company’s presence on social media, attracting more influencers and affiliates, and launching video marketing on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

This company is more than just a resource to the crafters and artists who have been buying from them for decades. It’s a reliable, authentic, and trusted source for information about arts and crafts projects, and a buyer gets a business with a proven track record of success, recurring revenues, a faithful audience, and the ability to grow quickly under the right owner.

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Asking Price
$ 415,000
Cash Flow
$ 105,950
Gross Income
$ 409,852
Year Established

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