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Premium Graphic, Video & Animation Design Agency for Streamers and Gamers – Provides Custom Designs for Gamers – 23% Repeat Order Rate – $750 AOV – 5 Years in Business

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Website Closers® presents a digital agency enjoying rapid scale and a growing customer base within one of our most profitable industries, the video gaming market. This target is a Premium Graphic, Video & Animation Design Agency for Streamers & Gamers, offering free and premium stream overlays, templates, packages, alerts and other assets for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

It’s often said that the key to a successful business is the brains and vision behind the scenes, and this company is the ideal example of that. In the past five years, this company has enjoyed plenty of success creating artwork, custom graphic designs and animation for content creators and broadcasters. They do particularly well with new game releases and products themed around those games.

Their success has been in empowering gamers and streamers through their professional and creative design work, which includes custom designs with brand consolidation and totally original artwork, and premade designs with instant downloads.

With an estimated 3 billion gamers across the globe, the company has successfully tapped into the world’s love for gaming with designs to make them appealing and exciting. Their talented design team has turned this into one of the leading design agencies serving the video game sector, having served more than 300,000+ clients worldwide.

Their team is operating in two of the world’s most lucrative fields. With the video gaming industry now valued at $192 billion and the live streaming industry worth $59 billion, these are two niche verticals that offer the buyer of this company an astoundingly successful platform to operate in.

But that’s not the only strength this company offers as the number of people enjoying gaming and live streaming services continues to skyrocket.

Since first launching five years ago, this brand has grown from a one-man band to one with a full-time staff that includes a chief communication officer, production manager, video editor and lead graphic designer. Even more importantly, this creative agency has contracted with a network of highly skilled and talented freelancers who handle all the custom design projects.

This has enabled the company to continue expanding into new areas, since their powerful creative team can deliver virtually any form of visual production, giving them unlimited growth potential moving forward.

Premade products are their top-selling operation, since they’re more affordable than custom designs, which average $750 per client. Their customer demographics center on 18–24-year-olds who share a devoted passion for gaming and live streaming, love playing online and also meeting new people while streaming. Many of them go beyond simply being players and try to build careers out of playing video games, and they’re eager to invest in branding to grow and market their channel.

With their freelance network delivering high-quality branding services to these clients, the company has a lot of ongoing services that are billed monthly, in addition to their one-time projects. Customers like what they get and are happy to come back for more, the company now enjoys a 23% Return Customer Rate.

The experience and skill of their design network are crucial in another way. Their work requires a vast knowledge of gaming and esports because the global culture within this industry shifts interests constantly, so it’s vitally important for them to keep up with the latest hot trends.

With scores of past projects prominently displayed on their website, these examples of what they’ve done for others have become their top lead generation tool. This portfolio of impressive custom designs is driving their conversions today and will continue to over time.

The company has invested in additional digital marketing tools to drive sales and brand recognition even higher. One of their most successful has been their Affiliate Program, which enables affiliates to earn a 15% commission on every sale they make. One of their affiliates has even set a record by selling 10 times more than the others.

The company also runs PPC ads on Google and has their store prominently displayed on Google Shopping. SEO is key to expanding their customer base, with the use of keywords that are popular within the gaming community helping to make their products page easy to find in search engines. They also attract new clients through a blog on their website.

They also have a presence on popular social media platforms, with Twitter being the most prominent, where they enjoy 5,000+ followers. They are also building up followings on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and these efforts are paying off, since the company now gets 15,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site.

Finally, the company has built up an impressive email database of 35,000+ subscribers which can become an effective tool for new product launches, promotions and upsells in the future.

Talented freelancer designers, affiliates who drum up business and a team managing daily operations – all the ingredients in place for a thriving business ready to enjoy recurring revenues and to scale quickly.

As a result, current ownership spends as little as 10 hours per week on this company, focusing mainly on the brand’s creative direction and coordinating dayto-day strategies. One of the most important tasks, in fact, is following the industry, keeping up with esports and gaming trends so the team can continue creating successful products in the future.

That includes developing new themes and community-building activities that appeal to the people coming onto the world of gaming and esports and giving them good reason to be excited about this company’s work.

They remain in the ideal position to grow rapidly, just as the global gaming industry is projected to do in 2023. The company has the ability to launch into different fields, such as Artificial Intelligence-backed products for streamers, or to boost their digital marketing campaigns to drive sales higher.

One of their newest projects is the development of their own streaming app to capture a larger share of streamers in the future.

With a phenomenal reputation for visual excellence, this brand’s success is a true work of art. In the hands of an ambitious buyer, this could become an even more prominent leader in the gaming and streaming world, which is one that is barreling toward record-breaking profits.

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Asking Price
$ 550,000
Cash Flow
$ 156,828
Gross Income
$ 287,352
Year Established

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