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Premium Linen, Cashmere & Wool Apparel & Bedding eCommerce Brand | 50% Repeat Customer Rate | 7 Years in Business | Strong Instagram Following

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that specializes in the use of premium Linen, Cashmere, and Wool Materials for its bedding and apparel collections, all produced under its trademarked name. A significant portion of the clothing items is manufactured in Australia through ESG Factories, and the primary avenue for sales is through a Shopify-built website.

Sustainability, specifically Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, is the cornerstone of the company’s values and mission. Recognizing the adverse impacts of fast fashion on both people and the environment, the brand has cultivated a dedicated following that values eco-friendly practices. The business demonstrates remarkable profit margins while simultaneously offering competitive prices compared to industry peers.

Production & Key Metrics

The collection includes approximately 40 distinct SKUs of apparel and bedding, each meticulously crafted using certified European linen. This ensures a comprehensive traceability and accountability process, spanning from the initial flax seed to the final product. The certification imposes sustainable practices at every production stage, benefiting both growers and traders. It also attracts customers from a more affluent socio-economic background who are willing to invest more in products and services of superior quality. Since its launch, the brand has captured this demographic’s loyalty and cultivated a devoted customer base, predominantly comprised of females aged 45 to 65.

The production strategy revolves around small-batch assembly, facilitating stringent quality control while minimizing resource consumption and environmental waste. This commitment to eco-friendliness is evident through the use of non-toxic dyes and manufacturing techniques. Each collection undergoes a distinctive wash process, delicately treating linens with volcanic pumice stones, resulting in luxuriously soft and safe textiles. This unparalleled quality has translated into remarkable customer retention rates of  57% over the last several months—unprecedented metrics in both the bedding and apparel industries. Further validation comes from thousands of product reviews, boasting an average rating of 4.9 stars.

The brand exclusively sources materials and produces its products from various locations worldwide.

Sales Channels & Stock Management

The business operates on a 100% stock model. Clothing orders are placed quarterly, bedding orders bi-annually, and woolens annually. All products and orders undergo inspection at the company’s compact warehouse, which has been strategically optimized to include dedicated spaces for packing, warehousing, storage, and even a studio area for conducting photo shoots. While most of the revenue is generated through online channels, the facility is open to the public on designated packing days. Doing so attracts additional sales from those who prefer visiting physical stores to assess product quality and sizing personally.

The business has minimized dramatic seasonal fluctuations by shrewdly introducing layered long-sleeve tops and leggings, providing customers with versatile options throughout the year. This strategic move proved highly successful and has significantly boosted revenue during the winter months.

Advertising, Marketing, & Operations Overview

The digital marketing approach is multifaceted, employing a variety of strategies to reach the target audience. Email campaigns have consistently been effective, boasting impressive open rates and serving as a means to keep dedicated subscribers informed about specials and new releases, thereby nurturing brand loyalty. Another pivotal method is Facebook advertising, which consistently delivers a favorable ROAS.

In more recent developments, external agencies have been enlisted to enhance SEO and manage Google AdWords. Additionally, the owner has strategically decided to incorporate print ads in a prominent local magazine, targeting the core customer base.

Further measures to enhance the online shopping experience include a Shopify theme upgrade to boost conversion rates. This consists of a refined aesthetic and the incorporation of valuable information, such as sizing charts and detailed product descriptions, which enhances customer satisfaction and reduces returns, contributing positively to the bottom line. Wholesale customers, six of whom have been acquired organically, can conveniently use a code on the website to place orders.

Operational efficiency is a key focus, with the founder dedicating around two hours daily to the business. The team is streamlined and effective, consisting of a part-time bookkeeper, a part-time warehouse manager, a social media manager, and a pattern maker.

The foundation that has been established will facilitate a smooth transition for a buyer to operate this profitable company. While the brand has built its reputation on embracing slow fashion practices, substantial potential exists for rapid and extensive returns.

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Asking Price
$ 515,000
Cash Flow
$ 206,461
Gross Income
$ 735,457
Year Established

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