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Premium Men’s eCommerce Shoes Brand - Growing Social Media Presence


Website Closers® presents a booming eCommerce Brand that has made a meaningful impact amongst the male demographic as a successful, highly stylized brand of Handcrafted Leather Shoes. All of their expertly crafted in-house developed shoes are designed, tested, and endorsed by an internal team of Professional Shoemakers. The Men’s Footwear Vertical remains one of the steadiest and most reliable markets, garnering more than $400 billion globally. With that data at the forefront, this strategically developed brand – paired with stunningly designed shoes marketed efficiently to a powerful niche with tremendous disposable income – promises for continuous scale opportunities.

This unique offering not only successfully sells products direct-to-consumer, but it also has the advantage of a centralized system of staff designers and manufacturers. Launched with the initial drive to market men’s dress shoes, this company has the appetite to expand and tap into other areas of the men’s fashion industry, like belts, watches, slacks, cuff links, and ties.

With limitless scale potential on the back of a Premium Show Brand, this company could be swiftly expanded through improved marketing initiatives. Just a few promising paths include SEO campaigns and social media engagement. Generating a presence both paid and unpaid on TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, this stylish brand could draw in tremendous consumer interest in those places as well.

This company fully understands the value that social media can bring. Gaining a strong, engaging following on Facebook, this brand has devoted 95% of its marketing budget to PPC advertising on the platform, with some of the marketing budget also going to Google AdSense and Snapchat marketing.

The simple yet effective strategy in place leaves room to push for more aggressive marketing campaigns. Current platform use could be furthered by setting sights on commercial messaging through email chains that consistently send out scheduled notifications and direct interaction posts such as sweepstakes and polls to improve brand awareness. The company would also benefit from an SEO program that includes their own channel of promotion through a shareable blog site with constantly updating topics such as Men’s fashion and how to spot the right shoe for you, as well as an influencer marketing campaign connecting directly to their social media accounts.

Leveraging their own impressively distinctive style, this brand’s men’s shoe line has seen an amazing net profit with a projection of growth continuing to trend. The brand carries an enviable average order value of $84 and regularly accumulates upwards of 750 orders per week. This business is incredibly profitable and has built a strong foundation for a growth-minded entrepreneur to step in and further the brand’s annual gross revenues.

In addition to the unmatched quality of their SKUs, this brand has also put a strong emphasis on unimpeachable customer service. Allowing buyers to contact the company 24/7 and promising a quick response, this brand’s impactful customer experience keeps consumers coming back.  along with a reliable follow-up system for gaining as much feedback as possible.

This customer-first approach has helped the brand develop a fast-growing, highly engaged, and loyal customer base. Seeing an incomparable consumer response, this company now carries an email database of 26,100+ addresses, which has helped the brand refine its successful email marketing campaigns.

This offering has connected with thousands of satisfied customers by offering free shipping on all orders, which has created extremely high demand for their high-quality SKUs. Selling only through their own Shopify store, the company receives 30-40 customer service tickets each day. An incoming owner could see incredible growth with the development of an Amazon storefront, Etsy shop, and even retail connections with stores such as Target and Macy’s.

The website utilizes a 100% cloud-based model that allows the current owner to review and manage operations from any device, anywhere. A mostly hands-off company, the owner spends about 3 hours each week operating this business. Their primary tasks include purchasing inventory, overseeing fulfillment, handling marketing, and determining the application of new strategic initiatives. This company runs impactfully with just one full-time employee who handles all customer service tasks along with a team of contractors who handle fulfillment, inventory management, and custom packaging. Content creation is handled by a professional photographer.

Having earned such a well-established reputation in just 11 months, this business could rapidly scale by adding brands to its marketplace, effectively launching new shoe styles, and introducing a wholesale B2B strategy that targets brick-and-mortar retailers.

This is a business that is perfectly positioned for quick expansion and has so much to offer a buyer when it comes to strong recurring revenues and a growing, committed customer base. With proven potential and an amazing framework already in place, this company could see exponential growth with minimal additional efforts.

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Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 472,320
Gross Income
$ 2,238,101
Year Established

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