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Premium Women’s Designer Shoe Brand | Wholesale & eCommerce Channels | 27% Repeat Customers | 200 Wholesale Accounts | 9 Years in Business

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Website Closers® presents an upscale contemporary women’s footwear brand that sells boots, sandals, and sneakers with a comfort-added element. The company has become very popular with women, especially given its prominence on high visibility Designer Retail Stores, like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and so many more.

Inspired by NYC’s inclusive energy, street style, and the east-end surf scene, the brand has become synonymous with effortless style. Since its inception, the goal has been to create high-quality designer footwear that is simple and distinctively wearable and is a rethink of timeless and affordable luxury.

Products are sourced via agents and factories in Asia with whom the founder has cultivated excellent long-term relationships.

All products are manufactured exclusively for the company and sold under the brand name.

The business consistently demonstrated growth and strong profitability, becoming a multi-million-dollar company. Management has overcome various unavoidable obstacles recently and is back on track for a prosperous year.

Hurdles & Stabilization

During COVID, there were hurdles to overcome. Three primary issues converged to create these challenging circumstances, ultimately traced back to supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of shipping containers to import inventory increased from $5,000 to over $23,000. This directly and considerably impacted profitability because prices could not be raised proportionally.

Additionally, the brand missed the Fall fashion season when product deliveries were delayed. Cargo ships containing inventory remained off the coast for months and could not be offloaded for distribution.

Finally, this occurred at a time when the company was experimenting with a new product line at a lower price point. The reduced margin product exacerbated cash flow challenges.

The founder has since taken exceptional steps to stabilize the company. The excess inventory has been liquidated, down from $5M to $1.5M on the balance sheet today, and operational expenses across the board were also significantly reduced.

The company is back on track and looking for a majority sale of its stock while remaining a minority shareholder with a partner that has the retail and eCommerce expertise and capital to help take this brand to the next level. While there is flexibility with the structure of the transaction, the preponderance of weight will be afforded those that are interested in allowing ownership to retain equity.

Scale Opportunities

The founder has exhibited his ability to execute growth and is excited about the brand’s future and running all day-to-day operations. Growth for the company will come from increased resources dedicated to direct-to-consumer sales of high-margin products. Free cash flow will be invested in digital marketing campaigns to drive sales through the eCommerce website.

Recent investment in digital marketing resulted in a Return on Ad Spend as follows:

  • Facebook / Instagram: 4.00
  • Paid Google Search: 7.90
  • Pinterest: 8.41
  • Display (AdRoll): 11.14

Expansion of the digital marketing strategy will include expanding focus on the most successful digital platforms, evaluating hybrid ads with channels like Hulu, and adding the TikTok Shopping platform.

Sales remain strong throughout the year with minimal seasonality in comparison to many fashion brands. The typical customer is a woman between 35 and 60 with a clear view of the fashion she likes and wants, with comfort being essential.

The Team

The founder primarily focuses on design, D2C and wholesale eCommerce sales, overseeing finances and office operations. The two other owners work closely in design and manufacturing.

Various staff are employed in the following capacities:

  • Wholesale VP
  • 3 Sales Reps
  • Director of eCommerce
  • Associated Director of Social Media
  • Assistant to Social Media Director
  • Bookkeeper/Office Manager/Order Entry/Customer Service Representative

Warehousing, fulfillment, and digital marketing are outsourced to third parties and agencies who consistently perform excellently.

The women’s footwear market is undergoing a remarkable transformation, buoyed by a convergence of factors that suggest an optimistic outlook. Among these, the burgeoning trend of eCommerce stands out as a game-changer, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to consumers globally. With an increasing number of shoppers preferring the ease of online purchases, this shift has created a vast landscape of opportunity for companies operating in the sector. Subsequently, this brand is poised for considerable growth and profitability.

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Asking Price
$ 2,975,000
Cash Flow
$ 849,963
Gross Income
$ 7,607,351
Year Established

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