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Profitable Business Podcast with a Massive Following – Nearly 4,000 Episodes in Place – Over a Decade in Business – 15% YOY Growth – 400 Guest Inquiries/Mo

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Website Closers® has been exclusively engaged to represent a globally recognized and distinguished Entrepreneurial Podcast Brand that has hosted 3,500+ dynamic entrepreneurs and generated $100,000+ monthly net profit for 114 months. The purpose of this exit process is not for the founder to exit the business, rather, the exit strategy for this target is for the founder to take some chips off the table through a majority sale while finding an equity partner to provide a stronger focus on strategic growth while the founder remains the host of this immensely popular program.

To be clear, the founder is not interested in a transaction that would have him leave this popular podcast as he’s bullish on its future, especially once the podcast is combined with an acquirer that has experience with successfully executing strategic growth initiatives. The founder’s interest is in selling a majority stake in the business while rolling equity and retaining his role with the podcast.

About this Podcast …

This podcast production has a zealous and vast audience, thousands of useful business articles and courses, and a significant social media following on Instagram and Facebook. The business is in a niche category of its own and has been the only daily podcast interviewing the world’s most successful and inspiring business titans since its inception. Others have tried to copy the multimillion-dollar-a-year business model but have failed … unable to replicate the systems and processes that make the operation such a well-oiled machine.

The industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Podcasts, which are audio recordings available for download or streaming, have become a popular form of entertainment and information sharing. The vertical has seen explosive growth, with millions of podcasts available on various platforms, covering a range of topics from business and politics to true crime and entertainment.

Some key factors contributing to the market’s growth include the rise of smartphones, which make it easier for people to access podcasts on the go, the availability of high-quality audio equipment and editing software, and investment by major players. Companies such as Spotify, Apple, and Amazon have made significant investments, acquiring production studios and exclusive content, leading to an increase in the quality and quantity of content.

Human Capital

With a team of only 5, this business runs very lean and typically operates on a profit margin of 80% to 90%, netting between $100,000 and $250,000 monthly. Every month the company releases its ‘Income Report’ on the website, where every dollar earned and spent is declared. The report includes validation and a tax tip from the company’s CPA, a legal recommendation from its lawyer, and details on what is working and what is not in the world of entrepreneurship. This income report is a fan favorite and consistently the most visited page.

The owner is now seeking a business partner with a vision for scaling this company, focusing on long-term strategic growth goals and marketing to major media channels for their future podcasts. The current owner works 20 hours weekly, focusing on email communications and overseeing social media posts. Once a week, he records all seven podcast episodes.

Additional staff work in the following capacities:

  • The head of operations oversees all communication with the team, sponsors, and legal and tax consultants.
  • One VA creates all show notes, guest reminders, and social media content
  • A second VA does all podcast editing, scheduling, and uploading
  • The third VA completes a variety of small tasks to keep the business running smoothly

All three virtual assistants are contracted at 40 hours per week and would like to stay on post-acquisition if a buyer desires.

Marketing & Scale

The company is entirely reliant on organic growth. Digital marketing efforts are minimal and comprise daily posts across numerous social media platforms with snippets of the podcast and regular emails to the database of 18,000 subscribers. This list is pruned regularly and achieves a 40% open rate.

The listener demographic is driven chiefly by US-based small business owners with six to ten employees. 58% are male, between 34 and 55, and earn $98,000 annually.

Sponsorships drive revenue, accounting for around two-thirds. Guest appearance fees make up 20%, while courses and affiliate income account for the remainder.

As successful as the business is, there are various methods to scale as identified by the existing owner. Considering all growth has been organic, paid advertising is low-hanging fruit.

Google ads and SEO for ‘business podcasts’ would likely boost awareness and listenership significantly. Promoting the show on other podcasts presents an excellent opportunity to collaborate and grow the brand.

Investing heavily in scaling YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn is worth considering since many potential listeners discover content and new shows on those platforms. These are all surefire ways for a business partner to grow the business while the owner continues to host podcasts to the program’s devoted following.


The market for podcasting is expected to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years, with more listeners and shows. Advertisers are taking notice of the industry’s potential, as podcasts provide a targeted way to reach engaged audiences. As a result, ad revenue is projected to reach $4.2 billion in the US alone by 2024.

For a buyer of this business, this is a phenomenal opportunity to acquire a podcast with a devoted global following, enormous respect in the business world, multiple revenue generating methods firmly in place, the ability to grow rapidly under the right and careful hand, and a founder/host that is steadfast about staying on to host the podcast.

The podcast is the owner’s legacy, and as a result, he has every intention of staying with the company as long as the buyer wishes to assist in the continued growth and eventual handover to whoever will become the new face and voice of the brand.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 3080

Asking Price
$ 15,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,331,332
Gross Income
$ 2,490,398
Year Established

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