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SaaS Business in the Construction Industry | Strategic Minority Investment Opportunity | Long Term Contracts – Private & Public Clients | 2,600+ Projects Completed

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Website Closers® presents a Technology Company operating within the enormously profitable Construction Industry, providing them with unique software that manages entire construction projects from the initial planning stages to completion.  Their digital services, provided by a Software-as-a-Solution platform, have brought in long-term, multiple-year contracts in both the public and private sectors, and after operating for nearly two decades, this enormously profitable company now has $100 million in the revenue pipeline.

Since construction is one of the most profitable industries across the globe, now valued at $17 million and second only to healthcare, a SaaS platform that helps major construction projects stay on track, avoid lawsuits, and save money will remain in very high demand.

This SaaS business is now looking for a strategic minority investment of up to $2 million to enable the company to expand its sales and marketing efforts and fulfill its sizeable current pipeline. This is a significant opportunity for an investor, considering not only the company’s impressive track record but also the strong likelihood the company will enjoy massive growth in the short term as its reputation for successfully improving construction projects becomes more widely known.

The company’s reputation within the booming construction industry is continuously driven higher by its track record of eliminating any possible chaos with the stored data that project managers oversee and preventing costly errors from occurring. With easy-to-use tools, the company has been winning over clients for decades.

This business represents a clear opportunity for a U.S. Buyer to acquire this company and then scale it quickly by launching a more advanced digital marketing campaign, with a host of tools such as social media and email marketing, SEO, and PPC ads at their disposal.

Business Broker Takeaway  

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for a profitable SaaS company operating in one of the world’s most evergreen and lucrative industries. We are excited about this business for 3 important reasons:

  1. Unique Information Librarian. One of the company’s most unique and sophisticated tools is its Digital Information Librarian. Every project gets a dedicated DIL who becomes a vital member of the team and handles information management so the client’s staff doesn’t have to. The DIL becomes the intersection for all information and communications, auditing constantly for any possible mistakes and conducting searches for missing information. The DIL creates transparency, organization, and efficiency in construction projects, ensuring they are built on time, on schedule, and with expertly managed files that prevent future litigation.
  2. Large Client Contracts. The company has worked for clients in multiple large industries, including infrastructure projects, healthcare, energy businesses, airports, multifamily housing, office buildings, hotels, sports arenas, and education buildings. These are huge construction projects in the private, non-profit, and government sectors, and their average contract size has ranged from $50,000 to $16 billion. The company has completed 2,600 projects with an average project size of $35 million, and its services run the entire lifecycle of each project.
  3. Multiple Services Provided. Each client is given access to this business’ SaaS platform, which gives them access to project experts, the ability to view project data in one location, establishes a documentation process for them, and fully organizes every bit of information and data, making it fully accessible. The company’s Dashboard is custom-built and oriented toward the unique needs of each client. Any confusion about the data is eliminated, and this lays the foundation for a truly seamless lifecycle asset management. The clients can make informed decisions with a higher degree of confidence as their construction projects move forward, and the company has plenty of client testimonials about what a significant asset this platform was getting their project completed.

The Company

Launched in May 2006, this Tech-Enabled platform quickly developed a reputation for taking the burden of document controls off the client’s team and enabling them to perform their tasks faster and more accurately.

While the company does provide a “slimmed down” version of its platform for a project that is still in the planning stages, the company usually provides its services through the entire life cycle of each project. Some projects can run for 48 months or longer.

Once a project has been completed, new projects are staggered to keep a steady pipeline of business.

Having clients in so many different industries has enabled this company to build a vibrant reputation within each one, so this is much more than simply a business operating within the construction industry. The company has a reputation across major private sector industries, among government agencies looking to build schools or other public buildings, or private sector/government collaborations on new housing. For an investor, this business is a pathway into serving literally any industry that works on construction projects, and that’s a very lengthy list. With the company’s firm reputation for delivering proven results, their 18 years of experience are unmatched within the construction field.

Operations & Marketing

Their projects start with onboarding, then shift to the actual construction phase, and an experienced and professional team manages this high-skill work. That includes a production manager of print services, a senior member of the digital information librarian team, a manager of business development, and an in-house programmer and network administrator.

The company also outsources some additional members of the DIL team for very large projects.

While the company benefits from strong customer testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals within the construction industry, the company has successfully used social media marketing to boost its B2B sales. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have been excellent referrals for their work, and the company also maintains an informational blog on its website to further promote its SaaS platform.

The company has also enjoyed success by attending trade association meetings and making presentations at industry trade shows.

That leaves a lot of options and future-scale opportunities. The company could invest in a full-scale SEO program that maximizes the use of keywords popular in both the construction industry and the many other verticals they serve to ensure a high ranking in search engines. With an email database containing 45,000+ subscribers, a regular email marketing newsletter would also be a major scale tool for this company.

With the company’s high close rate and millions of dollars in the project pipeline, an investor can expect significant growth once an investment is made in their sales and marketing efforts. The projected annual revenue from this opportunity is $30 million, giving an investor the ability to recoup their initial offering in record time.

With the continued growth and health of the construction industry and the uniqueness of the company’s platform, this is as shrewd an investment as can be found.

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Asking Price
$ 8,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,285,713
Gross Income
$ 4,376,957
Year Established

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