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SaaS Company Offering 70+ Marketing Automation Tools – Growing Client Base of 2,760 Paying Customers – All Recurring Revenue – $2,600 LTV – Low Monthly 3% Churn Rate

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Website Closers® presents a SaaS Marketing Agency with a strong track record of assisting clients in boosting their sales and client base. Operating within the highly profitable Software Provider Vertical, this Tech Company has cultivated a booming client base by providing the tools that small to middle sized businesses need to maintain a distinct advantage. For the past decade, clients have signed on to take advantage of the brand’s toolkit of more than 70 add-ons and integrations for small business marketing automation platforms. Tools such as text message marketing, integration with webinars, and Facebook retargeting all help their clients increase conversions, make more sales, and drive revenue growth. More importantly, these tools help them do everything much more rapidly, increasing their overall efficiency. This is not a tough sell for any client looking to become more competitive, and the company now has 2,760 paying customers (Recurring Revenue).

Just as impressive is the fact that this brand has a very low churn rate of just 3% per month. Their contracts are for ongoing services, and clients like what they’re getting and have high praise for how this brand has helped them advance their business goals.

The SaaS industry is a booming field. The global SaaS industry is expected to be worth $142 billion by 2023, a 9% increase, and has been expanding dramatically in the past few years. Beyond popular digital marketing strategies such as website design, Google SEO services, email marketing, and content creation, newer trends have included a focus on providing core functions and services for clients such as advanced accounting and sales. SaaS customers are also eager to get increased personalization, prompting SaaS companies to create solutions based on a client’s needs rather than taking a general one-size-fits-all approach.

This brand’s cutting-edge software, available on both a monthly and annual basis, has set up a terrific opportunity for a buyer eager to take advantage of the popularity of these automated platforms and this company’s track record in attracting long-term clients. It’s a company riding a technological wave that is projected to get considerably stronger in future years, giving a buyer an opportunity to not only enjoy the recurring revenues from their existing customer base but to take advantage of some impressive scale options this brand has.

This team has expertise in marketing automation. This company was formed in 2012 by a team with considerable experience in the field of Marketing Automation. They were pioneers in creating marketing and sales automation software solutions for small businesses. Recognizing that customers wanted the same tools, they created this company as an online library of 70+ software tools to connect clients with additional functionality and fire power for their marketing automation platforms. Clients responded, and their sales have skyrocketed. Today their typical customer is a small or medium sized business or entrepreneur running digital marketing through their website and using a marketing automation platform to convert leads. The annual revenue of their clients range from $100,000 to $5 Million, and to remain competitive, these clients want to take full advantage of technology that improves their conversion rates while making their operations easier to manage. Their client base is diverse and includes people working in a host of major industries such as health and fitness, real estate, financial services, law, information technology, eCommerce, medical and consulting services.

Their clients stay onboard long term. The strategic advantages this brand offers its clients have given them a loyal base. While their average contract size is $78 per month, their Average Customer Lifetime Value is a whopping $2,600. The average duration of their client contract is 33 months, although many stay on longer. Not many cancel their subscriptions early.

All revenue is generated from subscriptions to their toolkit suite, and 90% of their customers pay on a recurring monthly basis while the remaining 10% pay on an annual recurring basis. This is not a service that clients could easily find elsewhere. The company is a registered trademark, and what they provide comes entirely through their hard work in setting this company up.

The company has opportunities to expand that should make this offering much more appealing to a buyer. One possibility is by adding a premium, paid consulting plan that would provide a much higher level of service to customers with their ongoing marketing and sales campaigns. Those clients have provided the company with plenty of feedback on additional tools they would like to see available in the toolkit, which gives the company a terrific expansion opportunity as they make their platform more desirable and specialized for clients.

The company recently added a preview plan for customers, that allows new clients to skip adding their credit card information and view their app and tools. Adding a permanent free limited-function option to the menu could be a key method for getting more clients to see the value of what they offer and to become long-term subscribers.

They are masters at digital marketing themselves. Providing small businesses with the tools to drive sales is something that can only be done by a firm with a solid understanding of digital marketing. That expertise has helped the company drive their own sales, through both organic and paid advertising.

Their strongest advertising tools have included video training series, free trials, live demos on their toolkit, and an affiliate program that tracks referrals and commissions. Their typical process is that direct and affiliate-referred customers hear about the company and their site, review their materials or register for a demo, and typically sign up.

Additional key digital marketing tools – webinars, SEO through high-value content that has keyword optimization, email marketing (to a database of 17,000+) and appearances at industry events have all helped drive sales higher.

This is an offering with zero debt, an experienced team in place (including a director of product and development, a web developer, director of marketing and sales, marketing coordinator and customer service representative) and a reputation second to none within the industry. For any buyer, this is a platform for success and an enviable financial future. Contact Website Closers today so our brokers can outline the tools this company has to deliver enormous profitability in the future.

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Asking Price
$ 11,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,617,737
Gross Income
$ 2,604,887
Year Established

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