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SBA Pre-Approved Beard Care & Haircare CPG Brand – Proprietary Formulas – 85% Wholesale & 15% DTC eCommerce – 65% Repeat Order Rate (Wholesale) – Consistent YOY Growth

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Website Closers® presents a thriving CPG Brand that manufactures its Beard Care, Women’s Haircare, and various other Health & Wellness Products, and then private and white labels them for more than 350 companies worldwide, including barber shops, salons, and stores.

The Founders started up this target after experimenting with numerous beard products without complete satisfaction. They decided to pick and choose elements they liked from some tested product lines, while discarding what they didn’t enjoy from others. The goal was to create the ideal product line that wouldn’t leave a greasy residue, shine excessively in the sun, and wash out easily. After 5 years of testing, the team eventually developed some of the best beard balms and oils on the market, evidenced by the incredible demand, repeat customer rate, and growing top and bottom lines.

This company creates all its products in-house, and all ingredients are sourced in the US. The premium-quality ingredients, including shea butter and locally sourced beeswax, help create an unparalleled texture with a smooth consistency that’s not gritty, containing just the perfect quantity of oils without feeling oily.

From inception, the company immediately built up a sizable and devoted following on social media, which naturally increased site traffic. Since then, it has experienced unheard-of growth as its dedicated fan base has expanded. The owners have discovered a niche in the vast market where they are enjoying immense success by selling their unique line through a premium domain website. The wholesale channel represents 85% of Sales, with the remainder coming from the website.

The product line is extensive and now includes beard oil, balm, cream, and wax, as well as body wash, conditioner, women’s hair oil, body butter, vitamins, solid cologne, beard combs, boar brushes, salt scrub, natural deodorant, women’s face oil, body and room spray, and tattoo and cuticle salves.

Top-selling products include beard balm, cream, and oil, making up around 60% of income, yet there is no heavy concentration on any given product.

The typical customer demographic is comprehensive and includes people from their teens to mid- sixties. There is some seasonality in sales. They quiet down in Q3 and explode in Q4, with the rest of the year remaining solid and consistent.

To deliver the longest possible shelf life, two years from the production date, products are created as demanded. As a result, just a selection of building ingredients is maintained on hand. They consist of beeswax, shea butter, essential oil compounds, and carrier oils.

Daily shipments of goods are made from the company’s factory. They typically send around 40 packages per day in the low season and 150 shipments daily throughout the rest of the year. All orders —aside from apparel—are processed on-site. A on demand printing business handles order fulfillment for clothing.

The proprietors keep their advertising straightforward and their ad expenditures minimal—with a budget of only $500 monthly. They have relied on word of mouth because they aren’t focused on growth and are comfortable with the current sales volume. It was decided deliberately to maintain a small operation with few staff. However, demand is such that the business continues proliferating even without marketing. In the words of the owners:

“We currently only spend $500 per month on advertisement[s] as we were not interested in growing. The amount of money our company profits was enough for us. If a company wanted to get extremely busy, all they would have to do is increase ads. We have a very loyal fan base and a large social media presence. We prefer word of mouth vs. internet ads.”

There are 2 owners that currently handle marketing, graphics, website development, retail customer service, manufacturing, wholesale customer service and accounting. There are also 2 contractors that handle manufacturing, shipping, customer service as needed.

As a result, scale opportunities are rife. One method to increase the customer base is through focused D2C international expansion. The company already has wholesale clients worldwide but should consider leveraging its existing customer base and brand awareness to reach new markets, specifically targeting regions where men’s grooming is popular. This can be done by partnering with local distributors and influencers to help spread the word and increase visibility.

Additionally, selling on Amazon and other marketplaces can provide access to millions of potential customers and increase sales volume enormously and quickly. Partnering with domestic influencers is also an enticing prospect to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Launching an aggressive social media campaign and investing in Google advertising would dramatically increase traffic and sales overnight, plus there is an opportunity to hire a sales team to expand the private label side of the business.

The global beard care market has experienced significant growth in recent years, fueled by the rising popularity of beards among men. Factors driving the development of the vertical include increasing awareness among men regarding grooming, rising disposable incomes, and the availability of a wide range of products such as oils, balms, and shampoos. Additionally, the growing trend of self-grooming and personal care among men is expected to boost the demand for beard care products further. North America is the largest market, followed by Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

This acquisition opportunity is ideal for an internet marketing firm or skin care manufacturer. The beard business is enormous, and an astute buyer could scale the company to unprecedented heights, with little effort, in short order, enjoying a speedy return on investment.

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Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 379,583
Gross Income
$ 577,241
Year Established

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