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SBA Pre-Approved, High Growth Apparel Brand in the Custom Anime Space – 200,000+ Social Media Followers – Print on Demand Operation

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has become a phenomenal success story in the Anime Apparel Vertical – a growing subsector of the fashion industry that is taking lovers of Anime by storm. Relying on their proven print on demand services, the company creates attractive Anime apparel that pushes style boundaries with their blend of Japanese cultural icons from the Anime subculture, and streetwear that focuses on t-shirts, hats, shorts and related accessories.

The company’s social media platforms have helped introduce their apparel items to a legion of followers who are helping to drive awareness and sales, which have increased 100% year over year. In fact, this brand has nearly 200,000+ followers across numerous social media platforms, which has been instrumental in their growth. And they have only scratched the surface.

The company is SBA Prequalified – this means that the business has already been put through an initial bank review process and has the foundation of cashflow necessary to support debt service. For a buyer, this should be even further proof of the foundation of the company. We can help work with buyers to get through this bank process with relative ease.

The print on demand model has enabled this brand to hold down costs since they do not rely on stocking inventory. That’s made this a highly automated company, since the current ownership relies on virtual assistants to manage day to day operations.

The company also benefits from having exclusive and proprietary designs from designers available to remain with the company post-acquisition.

Millions of people around the globe have fallen for the allure of anime, a stunningly popular animation style that originated in Japan. There are now more than 500 animation studios in Japan alone, and many others have popped up across Asia, the United States, Europe, and Australia. People have taken anime culture to their heart, and this has become a global phenomenon.

It’s also a highly profitable one. The global anime market is projected to increase from $22 billion to $48 billion by 2030, a 7.9% growth rate, thanks to the continued popularity of anime video games. The skyrocketing popularity of anime brought massive new financial investments and technological advancements to this market, which fostered the growth of new production studios, anime creators, and artists around the globe. As this brand discovered, anime is a perfect match for apparel.

This thriving eCommerce business has created its streetwear with a particular aesthetic based on Japan’s deep passion for anime, and their sales show no signs of slowing down. Catering to both serious anime fans and fashion-conscious consumers, the company is ready for a strong growth curve under the care of a new buyer. Let’s take a closer look at how they accomplished these impressive goals.

Their products are unique and proprietary. The company launched about two years ago employs a team of designers who create the designs for their products. Being entirely print on demand means there is no inventory overhead, and all products are manufactured specifically for this company and their designs cannot be sold to other suppliers. Their products are fully custom and marked by their brand name.

At the Average Order Value of $51, the company’s shorts, puffers and performance shorts have become their top sellers. There are no seasonal factors to sales, although sales for their shorts peak during the summer months while sales of the puffers increase during the winter. The company’s Repeat Customer Rate recently shot up from 15% to 25% and those numbers are growing. The company works with one trusted supplier and they ship up to 300+ orders per day. Because of their early success, the company has grown to offer 150+ SKUs, and those numbers continue to increase since the ownership launches new designs and products every week.

Social media helps drive their sales. The company has done exceptionally well building up a strong following on social media, which has included 140,000+ followers on Instagram and 59,000+ on TikTok. The company posts several times a day on both platforms, and that is significantly booting their organic traffic, giving the brand a whopping 300,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site. Instagram has been their strongest platform for promoting organic growth.

Social media isn’t their only marketing tool. The company runs PPC ads on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and on Google. Email marketing is an important part of their customer outreach as well, since they have a massive 120,000+ subscribers in their database, and the company also uses SMS texting messaging with 50,000+ SMS subscribers.

Running this company is a simple task. Most of the company’s daily operations have been outsourced to virtual assistants, leaving the current ownership to spend as little as 10 hours per week running the business. The owner now devotes most daily tasks to supervising emails and social media posts and reviewing PPC ads. With custom products and packaging, excellent engagement on social media platforms, and the ability to continue introducing unique new products, this company is well positioned for scaling. Doing so effectively could be as simple as licensing their anime character intellectual property, expanding sales into European markets, introducing new SKUs and launching new product lines, and targeting the wholesale market for B2B sales.

Contact Website Closers today to get a truly animated sense of how profitable this business has become, and how its loyal followers are ready to scoop up much more from them.

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Asking Price
$ 2,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 647,421
Gross Income
$ 5,258,772
Year Established

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