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SBA Pre-Approved Marketing Agency for the Health, Wellness & Beauty Space – DTC Lead Generation – $2,500-$3,000 Per Client

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Website Closers® presents a growing, SBA Pre-Approved Marketing Agency that focuses on clients in the Chiropractic and Beauty Salon Sectors. The agency generates leads (new customers) by providing various marketing services, including paid leads, social media marketing, Groupon listings, lead nurture emails, and sales training. As the company quickly discovered, there are a fast-growing number of Health, Beauty & Wellness companies operating without a desirable introductory offer to consumers. This agency focuses on the field of Body Contouring and Red Light Therapy as an evergreen promotion. Each client now pays this firm an average of $2,500 per month for their services.

With the health and beauty industries among the most highly profitable globally, the Weight Loss Services industry has also become highly lucrative, worth $78 billion in 2021 in the U.S. alone. Within the field of body contouring, Red Light Therapy devices are attracting greater numbers of customers. Cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its ability to increase energy inside human cells and help people cope with different skin issues and conditions, clients like the results they are getting. Thus, it’s no surprise that a rising number of businesses within the health and beauty industry are eager to offer these services to customers.

Lead Generation. Launched in 2019, the company helps health and beauty companies (organically this has been Chiropractors and Beauty Salons due to the current owner’s background but would work well for any health and beauty oriented brick and mortar business, like gyms and fitness centers) attract clients by setting up for them a new marketing promotion using red light therapy treatment as an introductory offer to new clients. That’s just the start of their service. Once the promotional red light therapy services are over, this operation teaches clients how to build rapport with their new customers and get them actively involved in the business’ primary services, such as chiropractic work and beauty salon services.

Their approach has helped clients maintain their new customers over the long term and to sell red light treatment packages once a new lead responds to the promo. The company selected red light therapy as the introductory promo because interest in weight loss programs are in high demand today. The system this business created has proven to be highly effective in generating referrals and bringing new customers in the door.

Their own marketing relies on word of mouth. In the past few years, their clients have come entirely from referrals. Once clients take on their services and are impressed with the results, they in effect become the company’s sales team by referring them to others. In fact, this company has grown the business entirely through referrals, and as the company continues growing, more clients will clearly translate into more referrals.
Social media plays a role in their operations. The company is part of a Facebook group for red light distributors and Contour light owners and has the potential to target these groups for new sales. The company also has testimonial videos placed on social media to help sell their program and attract new clients. That gives the company some appealing scale options. The company could create an affiliate program with red light sellers which would definitely provide them with a sharp increase in new clients signing up. Working directly with contour light sellers would be a terrific way to boost profitability. The company also has an email database of 50,000+ subscribers and could target them for future sales and growth opportunities.
Low time commitment. This operation is so effectively turnkey that the current owner spends less than 10 hours each week operating it. Most of the current owner’s time is spent onboarding new clients, building them a landing page where a future customer can buy a trial session of the body contouring experience in their office, and updating older landing pages and social media ads for clients. Essentially, the current owner will set up the client’s ads, payment processing, the promotion itself, and the website. The clients then reach out to those who respond. It’s a simple system that does not require a heavy time commitment.

The current owner does not have any employees, but the system is so highly automated that additional workers are not needed. The owner is open to remaining on in a consulting or equity/ownership capacity after the business has been sold to help the new owner make it successful.

This business has tapped into an increasingly profitable field, the need for chiropractors, beauty salons and other health services to remain competitive and get new clients in the door. Their success in helping these businesses do just that, while also tapping into the fast-rising popularity of red light therapy, indicates a business with a very healthy future. There is virtually no chance that the public’s interest in weight loss or skin care programs will diminish anytime soon, and this brand’s ability to build a sizable client base without traditional advertising and instead rely on word of mouth in a clear sign of a bright future.
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Asking Price
$ 1,140,000
Cash Flow
$ 329,970
Gross Income
$ 334,896
Year Established

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