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Men’s Luxury Jewelry eCommerce Brand – 30% Repeat Order Rate – 6 Years in Business – Strong Social Media Presence


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce leader in the niche field of Men’s Fashion Jewelry. Expanding rapidly, the global jewelry industry is valued at $280 Billion, with manufacturers catering to an increasingly large market. Six years of experience in crafting on-trend, beautiful pieces gives this company an edge in their field, while cultivating a strong male following has tapped into a less-traditional demographic for the industry. The company’s niche array of men’s jewelry items have yielded incredible feedback and an astonishing 30% Repeat Customer Rate.

Tapping into the specific wants of their demographic has helped them keep up with customer demand and corner off their share of the market. The global menswear market has grown faster than women’s fashion sales in recent years, by 4.5%, compared to 3.7%. Menswear sales are projected to grow by another $40 Billion in coming years, and this brand is positioned to take control of this glittering opportunity. There has been a sharp increase in men buying fashion accessories and stores are extending their men’s offerings in response, and that includes jewelry items. This type of jewelry is has enjoyed immense popularity given the prevalence of elaborate accent pieces in music videos and certain movie characters, which compliments the brand’s maximum capacity to target major platforms, such as the music and movie industries. The brand has endless potential to become a top-ranking leader in jewelry by capitalizing these trends to increase sales.

Established in 2015, this company promotes the current owner’s line of specialized men’s hip-hop inspired and streetwear jewelry.  Including necklaces, bracelets, watches, glasses, earrings, pendants, and rings, the portfolio of SKUs available deserves to win gold. Exclusive designs crafted by the owner drive demand and provide a must in the industry— Brand recognition.

Over the past few years, the brand’s expanding customer base has primarily consisted of 16–25-year-olds who are fans of rap music, fashion, and urban culture. While the largest ethnic demographic is African Americans, the brand does market to Latinos and Caucasians as well. With an average order value of $100 and so many different SKUs to choose from, the brand’s high repeat customer rate has translated into the average customer lifetime spend at around $150-$200.

Seeing explosive 34% Year Over Year Growth speaks to the impeccable scaling model this brand already has in place, and their 320 listings for sale provide a solid foundation for future sales. Once these SKUs are broken down for colors, lengths or other options, the business now has more than 4,000+ products available. This form of hip hop jewelry has become the hottest niche within the men’s jewelry field, with “iced” jewelry surging due to its heavy use in rap music videos and other pop culture.   While the appeal of these SKUs once catered to a narrow demographic, there’s no denying that the phenomenon has spread to a wider audience, working heavily to this brand’s advantage.

Their SKUs perform well year-round, with a peak during the holiday season. The brand’s targeted audience shares another characteristic: they visit and interact frequently on social media. That’s exactly how this company has been able to attract such a large customer base— through a very active presence on social media. A strong and consistent online presence has enabled the company to build a rapport with online users and customers alike. Instagram has been particularly useful as a marketing tool for this brand, where the company has developed a massive following of 312,000 followers on that site and launches an average of 2-3 posts every day. The brand has also employed Instagram influencers to help promote their offers.

Capitalizing on the highly visual appeal of these pieces, YouTube has become a top marketing channel for this brand, where they have 2,700 subscribers and enjoyed over 300,000 total video views. In the past 3 years, 3-4% of sales have come directly from seven YouTube videos, speaking to the enormous usefulness of this platform. TikTok is similarly successful for them, as the brand has recently started posting videos on this site as well.

In addition to social media, the brand has helped drive sales by running PPC ads on Facebook and Google, with revenue generated by these ads far exceeding the initial investment. Email marketing has also been substantially lucrative, as the brand has compiled an email database of nearly 40,000 subscribers that is growing by an average of 1,500 new subscribers each month. The company’s email pop-ups have a 15% opt in rate, which has helped drive sales.

There are other marketing tactics the company could use to help expand the customer base even further. One would be to launch the brand’s first SEO program. The use of keywords in product descriptions has been enormously powerful when it comes to boosting rankings in search engines, and the brand could also start a blog on their website to drive more organic traffic.

There are multiple marketing strategies that the company can implement to effectively expand the customer base even further. The use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords in product descriptions is a powerful and relatively untapped tool for this jeweler when it comes to boosting rankings in search engines, and the brand could also create a blog on their website to drive more organic traffic. Listing on Amazon would enable the company to do an international expansion on Amazon’s overseas platforms and use PPC ads on that site to generate customer traffic and sales.

Expanding their B2B sales channels could also prove to be a major driver of future growth. The company now has one consistent wholesale client who has spent more than $30,000+ on orders and with some creative marketing, the brand could quickly drive more B2B sales in the future. A new buyer could continue adding to the SKUs, offering new products based on trends in the hip hop culture and past sales trends within the company.

This is a well-established business, with inventory moving quickly through their  400 square foot warehouse that fulfills an average 10 orders a day. The brand currently maintains about $140,000 worth of inventory, with new orders placed every few months. The current owner spends 40 hours per week running the business, focusing on tasks that include handling social media, researching growth options, purchasing items low in stock, managing customer service, and writing texts for text marketing. The company has one employee, a shipping manager who packages orders, and uses a contractor to handle customer service emails.

With jewelry remaining one of the fastest growing fields today, this company has demonstrated a tremendous appeal and business acumen in the niche field of men’s jewelry. The company’s many strengths are easy to build on, leading to a veritable goldmine of future growth potential.

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