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SBA Pre-Approved Performance Marketing Agency in the Insurance Vertical – 70% Repeat Customers – 400% YOY Growth – 71 Advertisers

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing Performance Marketing Agency that has become a go-to firm in the Insurance Industry, matching clients with advertisers and publishers on their booming affiliate network. To prove just how powerful they are in this sector, they are seeing a 70% renewal rate among their Insurance Agency Clients, astonishing evidence that their staff knows performance marketing well and provides real world results.

We have introduced the company to our Lending Partners, who have vetted the financial and operational history of the company. This has resulted in SBA Pre-Approval, which means a Qualified Buyer can purchase this business for as little as 10% down while amortizing the SBA Loan over an entire decade. This gives buyers the opportunity to achieve an ROI on their investment much sooner than with traditional loans.

How it works …

The company is successfully leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide expert service to individual insurance agents, agencies and major brands looking to generate leads and expand their customer base. Employing high-quality consumer-initiated inbound calls and real-time leads to do just that, their clients like what they’re getting and have remained loyal to them.

The company’s multi-channel approach services large brands that have enabled them to grow significantly, exceeding their revenue goals year over year by a stunning 400%. The agency finished 2022 with $9 million in sales, which ranks them very high in terms of annual sales performance among Marketing Agencies.

That phenomenal growth owes much to their leadership position within the insurance industry as they provide medium to large agencies across the nation with expert lead generation tools. Their affiliate network operates through a variety of channels, including paid search, social media, email marketing and SMS text messaging. Their clients are benefiting from rapid growth, almost instantly.

Looking forward …

With a dedicated staff in place that includes 5 employees and 3 contractors who handle daily operations, this firm is well-positioned to enjoy rapid growth. Because their clients continue to see the long-term value of their work, the company is ready to expand into new verticals such as financial, legal, and home services. That should enable a new owner to drive sales well beyond their current level.

The company also has an opportunity to employ some of the same digital marketing tools (social media, email, and SEO) to expand their own customer base. Having proven their immense value to the lucrative insurance industry, their success in this field positions a buyer to repeat the formula in multiple new fields.

The Company …

Launched in 2020, the agency has grown rapidly and now had 356 approved publishers and 71 approved advertisers in their network. Providing clients with superior account management has been a key to their growth, and the agency has scaled those numbers by providing increased payouts for each call or lead and accelerated payment terms.

The agency is now considered an authority in the industry. Their Data and Publisher Performance Scorecard is effectively used for custom reporting and analytics so they can help optimize, manage, and grow the performance of their clients.

The company hosts bi-weekly and monthly calls with each advertiser to review their campaign performance. Their advertising contracts are performance-based and continue as long as the campaigns are performing well for the advertiser.

Publishers are required to sign a Publisher Agreement during the onboarding process. This agency and its experienced team have become the leading marketing arm for publishers and affiliates, providing them with support and account management so they can focus on the best media buying and lead generation strategies. The company is managing a large network of affiliates in an evergreen industry. As long as people need insurance and new agencies get launched within their field, this company can appeal to insurance firms across the country that need creative ways to drive leads.

More recently, the company has started to diversify by appealing to direct brands in other verticals, including financial, legal and home services.


Current ownership has assembled a highly experienced senior team and they perform so efficiently that the owner spends as little as five hours per week running this business, often focusing on approving payments to publishers, managing cashflow, and establishing growth initiatives.  That’s helped to make the foundation of this business a very strong one. It’s also a key reason why the business continues to enjoy YOY growth.

The company contracts with a Call Center in the Philippines and hired an internal media buyer to help generate incremental inbound calls and drive more traffic to their existing advertisers. Much of their business development is handled by their sales team that has been very successful in attracting new advertisers and publishers.

While the company maintains a shared office for client meetings, the staff works remotely, and a physical office isn’t needed to operate this business.

Because the company is so well managed, this is an easy business to operate. It would be helpful for a buyer to have an understanding of lead generation and affiliate marketing, although the staff is available to remain onboard to oversee daily tasks.


The company has used their sales team and tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to attract new publishers and affiliates, and this has been a successful approach. The company is now averaging 48,000 incoming calls and 18,000 billable calls in traffic each month.

The company has opportunities to continue growing sales through digital marketing. A social media and email marketing campaign would result in higher organic traffic to their website, and so would optimizing their site for SEO, using keywords prominent to the industries they are targeting to expand their client base even further.

An education blog on their website would serve the same purpose.

Performance marketing has become a highly in-demand service, and those that can do it well have an unlimited base of prospective business customers to tap into. Operating as a combination of paid advertising and brand marketing, performative marketing can successfully launch comprehensive advertising programs in which affiliates and marketing companies are only paid when a desired action is completed, such as a sale, lead or click. This has become a win-win program for clients and affiliate publishers who can get a high ROI on their strategically targeted campaigns. This agency’s success in the highly competitive field of insurance indicates the model can be replicated in multiple fields moving forward.

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Asking Price
$ 4,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,406,932
Gross Income
$ 9,515,126
Year Established

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