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SBA Pre-Qualified 13 Year eCommerce Business – 2 Brands – Flags & Flagpoles and Outdoor Lighting – 29% Repeat Orders – 96% YOY Increase in Earnings

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Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Approved eCommerce Business that has exhibited tremendous growth through 2 brands operating in 2 different verticals. In business for 11 and 13 years, respectively, one brand specializes in Flags, Flagpoles and Accessories, primarily in the commercial space, while the other operates in the Outdoor Solar Lighting and related products vertical. The groundwork has been laid for a buyer to enjoy the fruits of laborious work done by the existing owner and continued growth is projected as these brands continue to blossom.

Key Performance Indicators

One pivotal KPI in this business is the return on Ad Spend. The business leverages a multi-channel marketing approach comprising PPC, SEO, social media advertising, email campaigns, and minor affiliate efforts. The results are commendable, with Google PPC achieving a noteworthy combined 4.2 ROAS, indicating efficient use of the budget. Paid efforts through META channels boast an even more impressive ROAS of 8.3, reflecting a highly effectual strategy. Email campaigns have also emerged as a strong revenue driver, contributing 24% of total sales and demonstrating an impressive year-over-year increase of 107%. Recently they have also been utilized to promote the newly launched subscription flag offering, which is showing great promise. This meticulous execution underscores the company’s prowess in leveraging cost-effective yet lucrative tactics.

Other crucial metrics are the conversion rates and average order values. The flag brand demonstrates an impressive $733 AOV, implying that customers are making substantial purchases. Furthermore, a 40% year-over-year increase in conversion rates reflects higher customer engagement and well-optimized websites.

Moreover, annual growth has been robust, showcasing the company’s ability to increase revenue and enhance profitability. The achievement emphasizes the efficacy of the overall business model, which has balanced revenue generation and cost management to nearly double the bottom-line growth.

The owner´s commitment to SEO is evident from the impressive online presence. High domain authority indicates strong credibility and visibility in search engine results. With 2,538 First Page Rankings and 8,707 Keyword Rankings, the brands have solidified their positions in search engine results. This means that potential customers can easily find the products through organic search, reducing reliance on paid advertising and increasing organic traffic.

Inventory & Logistics

230 SKUs for the flag brand are sourced from multiple manufacturers across the US. Management has developed optimal pricing arrangements with leaders in the industry. They have curated a broad diversity in sales, with no single product accounting for over 10% of revenue.

For the solar business, 140 products are available, some of which are sourced directly from overseas vendors. Currently, stock of between $20,000 and $40,000 is maintained; however, the owner has prioritized moving toward a full DropShipping model. Similarly to the other business, no single product accounts for more than 15% of sales. A 3PL controls inventory for this brand and also operates a call center for the other, handling the majority of quotes.

The flag business operates in two categories: residential and commercial.

Residential customers are typically homeowners who enjoy DIY projects and care about the upkeep of their outdoor space. They are generally men between 30 and 60.

Commercial clients are primarily contractors and builders working for large businesses, government entities, housing developments, and related entities. The brand is often recommended within contractor specs as a preferred vendor.

Solar sales experience a similar overall archetype in the DIY homeowner, but the age tends to be slightly higher: men between 45 and 65 and women between 40 and 70.

Since both companies offer products for outdoor use, some seasonality exists based on weather trends. Sales remain strong from March until September, with a healthy peak in May and June. However, the business anticipates significant development because of its extraordinarily successful organic growth and marketing.


The owner spends approximately 10 hours weekly on operations and another 10 on oversight and high-level business functions.

A W2 employee handles internal customer support via email and is responsible for social media posts and coordinating returns as needed. The call center completes the overwhelming majority of customer support.

Various tasks are outsourced. An accounting firm maintains company books and managers of PPC and SEO are met monthly to observe progress. Another contractor oversees the incredibly prosperous email marketing campaigns and provides monthly reporting.

This company’s remarkable key performance indicators underscore its proficiency in digital marketing, revenue generation, customer engagement, and overall business growth. The strategic approach to advertising, email marketing, and SEO has undoubtedly contributed to its impressive results, ultimately driving both the top and bottom lines. Subsequently, a capable buyer is primed for continued prosperity and a healthy return on investment.


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WC 3176

Asking Price
$ 3,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,056,197
Gross Income
$ 7,367,776
Year Established

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