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SBA Pre-Qualified 20 Year Cloud Hosting Company – 88% Net Margins – 6% Annual Churn – 2 Year Contracts – 8 Service Offerings

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Website Closers® presents an industry-leading business in the Private Blog Network (PBN) niche, with over 20 years of building, maintaining, and managing massive networks. Impressive rankings match its efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of the custom-built platform.

Most providers remove so many footprints that they inadvertently create them. This business has distinguished itself from the competition by developing the world’s first footprint-free WordPress private blog network hosting solution built on a scientific foundation. The founder has monitored enormous volumes of other public and private networks over the course of his career in order to find footprints and common factors influencing indexing rates while honing his craft. This has produced an unrivaled scientific knowledge base, which, combined with AI logic, forms the platform’s foundation.

Because the platform is custom-built and does not rely on any third parties, the owner has been able to incorporate distinctive, high-powered features into it. In contrast to others in the niche who merely return data from third-party providers in a tailored layout, the dashboard is connected to every website. Platform users may search and replace one, some, or all of the websites they manage from a single, straightforward interface. They can also install, remove, or update plugins. A related link- management feature on the platform allows clients to manage links and anchors across all websites in larger quantities, making it a highly sought-after offering.

The company helps SEO agencies securely and discreetly host a private blog network. By ensuring the domains in a link network cannot be connected, one can effectively link to a money site and obtain better search engine rankings.

The fact that the program was created to be translation-ready is another major selling factor. For instance, adding support for various European and Latin American languages would give the app a competitive advantage that is unrivaled anywhere else globally and would undoubtedly result in a completely new and considerable user base, boosting revenue exponentially. As a result, gaining a majority market share would be achievable.

Customers include individuals building affiliate networks but are predominantly those with numerous websites, such as B2B clients and SEO agencies.

Domain sales are one of the more prominent services offered. The website includes a real-time database from a reputable provider, and the business gets a sizable fee for each sale. The system is entirely automated, requiring almost no effort, and the channel could become a significant income stream with some marketing efforts.

Backlink sales are also entirely organic and result from Google rankings, referrals, and cross-selling to existing clients. This, too, has yet to be advertised, and doing so could boost the top and bottom lines considerably.

Additionally, the platform has a reinforced firewall optimized for WordPress, fully automated virus detection, and site backups to safeguard client data. Because of this, the hosting is rapid and experiences almost no downtime. Moreover, the platform isolates each customer’s site sets by transferring all client sites inside docker containers.

The program includes a number of time-saving tools and features, such as SEO metrics, indexing checks, domain checkers, grouping features, and one-click restores. These function as performance buffers with security and granular control for other users. It is unattainable for malware that has invaded one user’s site to spread outside the containers and infect sites belonging to other users, which is typically the case with shared hosting accounts. This business prevents it without increasing server expenses.

A feature that enables users to construct a blueprint of any site combination is one example. The founder has created a blueprint system allowing users to create as many customized templates as they require, including any desired data. Then, clients can choose from these templates to install them quickly on recently added websites. This function is invaluable, expedites the creation of new websites, and is unprecedented in the vertical.

The sale includes various additional websites and plugins, including the following:

An SEO content writing website and a casino-focused SEO website complete with a proficient team in place trained by the owner produces content that meets and exceeds Google EAT standards.

A WordPress translation plugin using the DEEPL translation engine, which is significantly better than Google’s version, translates pages, posts, WooCommerce products, and Yoast SEO data. A completely new version is under development, including more functionality and optimizing SEO.

Finally, a WordPress frontend drag-and-drop page builder with several templates is included. It’s a lightweight, unobtrusive, and SEO-friendly page builder with a complete road map for its development.

This acquisition opportunity is ideal as a bolt-on to a related entity or as a lifestyle business for a buyer seeking a stable income with a minimal workload. On the other hand, an ambitious new owner could quickly scale the company to unprecedented heights with aggressive advertising, price increases, affiliate marketing, a focused email campaign, and some attention to social media.

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Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3025

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 442,418
Gross Income
$ 475,722
Year Established

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