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SBA Pre-Qualified, 27 Year Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency – Sticky Client Base of 130+ Clients – 52% Recurring Revenue – 34% YOY Growth – High Performance Team in Place


Website Closers® presents a website design and digital marketing business that is, after nearly 3 full decades of operation, showing no sign of fading or slowing down. Their brand-driven strategy has made it possible for them to connect closely with their clients and their passions, and use that connection to, through their experienced team, tell the story of their clients’ brands with the style and elegance they deserve across all devices and channels. Their clients are very sticky, staying with the business on average 5-10 years. Their services are mainly categorized across six services, with their best sellers including:

SAAS-Based Website Services

The agency was able to successfully bridge the quality gap between basic-yet-affordable web products and higher budget custom websites with their service level offering, which is perfect for the marketing needs of small to medium-sized law firms and AMLAW top-200 firms alike. Their service utilizes a future-proof platform to provide the best possible quality and performance and acts as a fantastic speed-to-market solution for thought leadership and foreign language microsite initiatives.

Once a website has been designed and developed for the client, the company offers a subscription-based website service that was made specifically with small and medium professional services organizations in mind. Thanks to the incredible quality that it offers at such an affordable price, a law firm can get the agency-quality design, rich feature set and powerful content management capabilities of an equivalent custom website without breaking their banks.

Website Design & Development

The lifeblood of the company has been their knack for creating modern, highly appealing web-based user experiences for professional service companies. Their qualified web development team is suited to create the design experiences their clients desire. Their approach to development is that the more flexible and open it is, the greater the evolution through time, and, in turn, the greater return on investment.

Digital Marketing

The owners have tackled digital marketing with honesty, transparency, and a consistent drive for value. These tactics have led to a highly effective substitute for typical SEO campaigns and tactics, and strengthened the bond between brand and client. Their emphasis on open business practices and professionalism helps clients see undeniably positive results across various digital and social platforms.

Consulting & Strategy

Much like with all other facets of their business, the company’s efforts to provide open communication and the best possible results don’t stop at their consulting and strategy plans. They use sound reasoning, buy-in, planning, and a plethora of resources to give their clients’ technology clients a healthy chance of success, and know how to listen, apply their experience, and ask the best, and occasionally challenging, questions needed for the project to thrive.

The agency’s average customers are professional service firms of any size, though they have a special appeal for law firms specifically. Though they used to cater towards larger, more major firms in the past, their shift in focus towards small-to-middle market variations has proved immensely profitable in recent years. Most of their contracts consist of a combination of once-off and ongoing services, and an initial up-front investment is required by clients for things like setup, design, build, and strategy. From that point, ongoing services such as hosting, service retainers, and digital marketing management are typically used.

Their typical contract length is one year on custom contracts, two on SaaS, and four to six months on social media and SEO campaigns. The lengths they put into the quality of their services have led to a majority of their clients staying on for at least a decade, if not double that. The current longest-standing continuous account is a true veteran, still being under management for 24 full years.


The owner handles recruiting and hiring; invoicing; business development; senior strategy and consulting; account/project management for certain clients and projects; art direction; some design and content development.

The company has a strong staff of designers, developers and account managers. They also have a strong stable of other regular high-quality freelancers that are used on a regular basis as needed, particularly for design, copywriting, specialized consulting, and video editing.


The company’s primary services include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Project strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Web design
  • Web development,
  • Hosting and management
  • Digital marketing support.

The also offer a number of secondary services, including Content Development and Print Design.

Their clients primarily hire the business because the team:

  • Provides expert understandings in the professional services industries and related best practices
  • Has exceptional long-standing reputation for high-quality deliverables and client service
  • Has expertise earned from working with some of the most prestigious firms in the world
  • For Larger Clients, they have industry-specific, bespoke website solutions and a flexible development approach that encourages customization and innovation
  • Smaller clients: affordable solutions without compromise, wide variety of helpful value-adds
  • Rational approach to billing and high ROI

Pricing varies significantly across a whole spectrum of engagement types. The team executes projects ranging from $1,000 to 100,000, and over. Some common examples include:

Middle market firm custom website

  • $35,000 to $85,000 design and development
  • $350/month combined hosting and maintenance retainer

Small firm SAAS-driven website

  • $3,000 to $6,000 initial one-time setup
  • $249/month subscription fee with a 2-year minimum

Solo practitioner or small business SAAS-driven website

  • $2,000 to $3,000 initial one-time setup
  • $99/month subscription fee with a 2-year minimum

Brand strategy and corporate identity exercise

  • $20,000 to $30,000 one-time

Social media / digital marketing management

  • $3,000 setup
  • $4,000/month for the first 25hrs of service

On a T&M basis, the company’s rate schedule ranges from $150 to $250 per hour.

Growth Initiatives

The current management has identified two major growth tracks that the buyer can take:

  1. Better utilize the existing client base. This can be done by greatly expanding the company’s SEO, social media management, content development, and outsourced marketing department agency services. Their clients genuinely enjoy working with the team, and would likely be happy to make use of new services so long as they’re ensured the same quality and level of customer service that they have come to expect.
  2. Design and deploy a new marketing engine for new customer acquisition. Thanks to their reputation for excellent service and openness to clients of all sizes, there is a massive pool of potential clients for all of their services that other agencies with higher minimums may struggle to keep. Their existing client roster, strong references, and over recognizability make them an appealing option even for firms who aren’t yet familiar with the company.


This Digital Marketing Firm is Represented by:

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 3006

Asking Price
$ 1,050,000
Cash Flow
$ 434,390
Gross Income
$ 1,152,852
Year Established