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SBA Pre-Qualified 29 Year Document Automation Software Company – Zero Ad Spend – High Customer LTV – Enterprise Level Clients

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Website Closers® presents a purely organic, nearly 30-year-old Document Automation Software & Service company. They have used their seasoned expertise to provide cost and environment-saving solutions for document generation, distribution, and storage. They operate across several industries, which include computer systems, technical programming, and digital device supplies. The quality of their services has made them a reliable resource for many throughout the years, giving them consistent profitability, healthy growth, and a foothold in over 15 countries around the world. All without an ounce of marketing dollars needed for current operations.

Audience & Offerings

Their target audience is made up of any company that owns an IBM or IBM Midrange, or that have an interest in either a document management solution or security paper and toner. The brand also offers some “open platforms” that can run outside the IBM iSeries environment, which are useful for clients who prefer alternatives for their businesses.

They possess five core revenue streams, which, rated from the highest in revenue and profit margins, consist of the following:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Supplies
  3. Software
  4. Services
  5. Freight

Unpaid Marketing Efforts

The company generates between 3 to 6 leads every month through their strategized SEO campaigns and keywords, which has proven itself to be a successful enough strategy that they’ve been able to stop utilizing paid marketing altogether. Content Marketing has been put on autopilot with the current owner effectively retiring, which leaves a large amount of potential scale opportunities for a buyer looking to maximize the brand’s potential. Some easy pickings for the buyer to make use of include, but are not limited to, paid advertising with publications, trade show attendance, and the use of marketing consultants.

Their marketing plan as it stands now revolves around improving SEO and maintaining high rankings on search engines like Google. They also occasionally post social media and blog posts, do email blasts, and participate in online training and demonstrations to attract new clients.

Human Resources

The current owner has used the highly autonomous structure of the brand’s operations to enjoy a workload of a mere 15 minutes or so every week and has had no daily tasks throughout the past 5 years. His only responsibilities consist of monthly and quarterly check-ins, with the rest of the company’s operations being managed by his skilled team of employees.

These employees, alongside additional contractors, operate in the following capacities:

  • A general manager runs the business.
  • A small firm handles all accounting and most of the admin.
  • Three staff in Vietnam do most of the programming.
  • A contractor in Vietnam does a small amount of social media work.
  • A contractor in Arizona does the website work and some iSeries programming.
  • A programmer in Oregon helps audit and manage the code in the US.
  • An assistant in California sells supplies and helps with the admin.

The operations team and day-to-day team members will transfer alongside the business and will be able to keep everything running as it should during and post-transition. The current owner is also willing to offer limited transitionary support if needed, though as he has not been actively involved in day-to-day operations for some time, it’s likely that this will not be necessary.

The Future

This seasoned company’s track record has let them flourish, and the market in which they operate presents a great amount of room to grow further. An increasing number of workplaces rely on the convenience of digital media and storage, which means an increasing number of potential clients for brands such as this one.

The combination of government initiatives and customer pressure will likely lead the massive healthcare sector to adopt digitization practices at a wider scale, and as technology continues to rapidly, it’s possible that the use of paper files will see little use in the future in favor of the more efficient DMS.

It’s an ideal time for an entrepreneur to pick up this veteran of the document management solution industry, as it can be easily molded to suit their specific needs as a business owner. The buyer could maintain operations are they are for a steady stream of passive income, or use the prospects available to them to make the company even more profitable than it currently is.

This deal is great for a tech-oriented buyer interested in a well-established, well-oiled purchase for their portfolio.

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WC 3177

Asking Price
$ 1,710,000
Cash Flow
$ 380,000
Gross Income
$ 1,001,470
Year Established

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