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SBA Pre-Qualified Amazon Marketing Agency | Focused in Health & Beauty Categories | $100,000+ Average Contract Value | 27% Repeat Clients

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Website Closers® presents an SBA-Pre-Qualified Amazon Marketing & Operations Agency that specializes in the Health & Beauty Sector. The firm identifies and engages with Health & Beauty Brands that need help establishing and thriving on the Amazon platform. Selling on successfully requires a specific knowledge base that few companies have available in internal talent, and even fewer know how to properly hire for this talent given the specific expertise necessary for the marketplace.

Outsourcing to this firm is both more efficient and lower risk. The team at this agency are highly trained, specifically focused and have proven themselves successful over and over again. Why attempt to build your own team when this firm can not only build your brand on the platform, but also maintain it throughout all of the changes that inevitably come through search algorithms.

Their comprehensive solutions relieve clients from the daunting task of acquiring extensive knowledge and effort needed for successful sales on the marketplace. This strategy has resulted in a notable surge in clientele and nearly 100% year-over-year bottom-line growth. The Total Addressable Market for this firm is virtually uncapped given that there are thousands of Health & Beauty Brands operating around the globe, plus, the firm can expand to adjacent verticals and exponentially expand the client base.

SBA Pre-qualification

What does SBA Pre-Qualification mean? It means that the Preferred Lenders that work with Website Closers have reviewed the financial and operational facets of the business and given it a thumbs up for the underwriting process. For buyers, it’s an amazing opportunity to use an SBA 7(a) Loan to buy a thriving business like this one for as little as 10% down, while the balance of the SBA Loan is amortized over an entire decade and industry leading interest rates. In the United States, SBA Loans are the preeminent way that small businesses are acquired, and our team of lending experts know exactly which lenders are lending in the Tech & Internet Space, who allow air balls (uncollateralized debt obligations), and who have closed hundreds of deals with the firm in the past.

Additionally, the SBA process involves thorough due diligence from multiple parties, helping to ensure the target company’s viability and resulting in the sale of a robust asset that has undergone comprehensive scrutiny. In other words, this is a much lower risk asset to buy than a company that has not undergone these rigorous scrutiny measures.

Unique Value Propositions

Among other things, this agency specializes in procuring bulk inventory on behalf of its clients, leading to primarily exclusive reseller agreements and providing brands with a competitive advantage in pricing and ranking on without the hassle of competing for the Buy Box.

The company meets a clear need in the eCommerce realm by facilitating the scaling of brands on Amazon’s competitive and complex marketplace. While their focus lies in the beauty segment presently, a new owner has the potential to expand into related verticals and, ultimately, across various categories. The possibilities are vast once a relationship is established and their proficiency showcased.

The modus operandi is straightforward: brands grant the agency exclusive or semi-exclusive selling rights on Amazon, and the team handles all tools necessary for the client’s success, including logistics, listings management, page optimization, imagery, ad management, and more.

Operating triumphantly in the beauty product niche and on Amazon, the leading global eCommerce platform, their success hinges on the simplicity of their approach. They offer substantial value to new clients seeking a strong Amazon presence but unsure of the path to achieve it.

Client Profiles

Established in 2019, the company has refined systems to aid clients in product sales, serving as both the exclusive Amazon wholesaler and retailer for each brand. Their one-year contracts renew automatically upon meeting predefined performance goals, with an average contract size exceeding $100,000. An impressive 27% retention rate indicates client satisfaction, focusing on selling relevant and trending products with exclusive reselling rights and leveraging organic and paid traffic sources without Amazon seller competition for most brands. They maximize the Amazon Transparency Program, safeguarding clients from outside competition and counterfeits.

The company consistently adds new brands, boasting a client base of 32, and is unaffected by seasonal fluctuations, given the year-round use of beauty products.

Amazon Relationship

The company enjoys a strong partnership with Amazon’s brand registry team, which is adept at identifying struggling brands with ineffective listings and offers tailored presentations to boost their presence.

The in-house marketing strategy emphasizes systematized SEO, enhancing rankings, and driving organic traffic.

Two full-time employees manage account and page optimization while the owner endures a light workload of no more than three hours weekly. He focuses on overseeing cash flow, restocking approvals, and brand acquisitions.

The buyer will gain access to all established processes, systems, and protocols, along with comprehensive training and support for seamless company management post-sale. The owner is committed to aiding the transition and assisting in portfolio expansion.

The company’s successful organic ranking strategies and an extended consultation by the seller will be available to a new owner, showcasing their expertise in expanding organic traffic and sales on Amazon.

Navigating Amazon sales is challenging for newcomers, but with the aid of an established agency adept at transforming failed listings into successes, the appeal of this brand is undeniable.

This Amazon Agency is Represented by:

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WC 3250

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,286,105
Gross Income
$ 8,394,137
Year Established

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