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SBA Pre-Qualified Custom Aftermarket Automotive Parts & Accessories Brand – DTC eCommerce & Wholesale Sales Channels – 8,000+ SKUs – 14 Years in Business

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that offers branded and white-labeled Aftermarket & Automotive Parts & Accessories primarily Direct to Consumer via its Website. All branded products have the company’s well-established name clearly displayed. White-label products are provided by specific manufacturers and are unmarked to protect the company’s brand. Complete air suspension systems and parts are the signature products and account for 80-90% of sales. The company uses multiple sourcing channels, including some U.S.-based manufacturers. DropShipping accounts for 70% of SKUs. These orders come from a total of four different suppliers. Stocked hardware makes up the remaining 20-30%. Still, it can certainly be increased, and the company is building its already established brand.

There are currently 8,000+ products listed, and enticingly the business has access to thousands more products that simply need to be added to the online inventory. The 20% to 30% of stocked hardware ranges approximately from $50,000 to $100,000 at any given time, with orders placed as necessary. These parts include almost all the air management components, including but not limited to air compressors, air lines, fittings, gauges, controllers, air valves, relays, and sensors.

On average, 10 to 15 orders are shipped daily from the company’s warehouse. The location is small but sufficiently holds all inventory. One thousand square feet is split evenly between office space and warehousing. Two owners run the business without any additional staff. Their primary tasks include web development, updates, price changes, marketing, customer support, sales, shipping and receiving, and accounting.

Lead generation is primarily through free merchandise and organic search results with targeted information pages pertaining to the niche. This, in turn, directs interested traffic to the product pages. The company also owns many other keyword-rich domains. There is enormous room for growth via numerous methods. With a capital injection, further scale opportunities are abundant. The business can look at expanding into secondary eCommerce channels and introducing its products to millions more customers on those platforms.

A new owner has excellent opportunities on additional sales channels like Amazon for expansion. The company has a dormant storefront that hasn’t yet been used. Therefore, it presents a huge area for growth and the possibility for a new owner to increase revenue significantly while reaching new customers on the eCommerce giant.

Somebody with Amazon expertise or willing to outsource the Amazon storefront to an experienced agency would likely increase sales from the platform. Importantly, this would present a more accessible opportunity to increase global sales. Once established, the business can quickly sell into additional lucrative markets. Regarding size, Asia Pacific dominated the market with a share of 28.2% in 2021. The industry is also expected to deliver significant growth from 2022 to 2030. Advanced technology usage in the fabrication of auto parts, a surge in consumer and passenger automobile production and sales, and digitalization of automotive component delivery services are anticipated to spur automotive sales in the region. As a result, it’s an area in which gaining market share would prove highly lucrative.

There is also an immense opportunity to scale the operation with wholesale options. The brand hasn’t focused on its wholesale channel, but the industry demand is rife. An aggressive campaign targeting major players and possibly hiring reps could create a colossal new revenue stream. This channel allows a buyer with an established network to grow income exponentially.

Leveraging digital advertising beyond basic SEO is an obvious next step, and affiliate marketing can be implemented. This industry lends itself to influencer marketing on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok. They should look to customers to show off their projects with the company’s products and prominent influencers in the market to build more awareness and loyalty. Social media is not utilized, and it’s worth considering implementing a highly focused campaign. In addition, email marketing is a straightforward method that has proven to boost sales in virtually every eCommerce store and can be used to promote new products.

This company has already demonstrated that it has what customers are looking for when it comes to air suspension. There are other product categories it could profitably expand into across the automotive spectrum. This brand has a phenomenal track record which would be easy for any buyer to use as the starting point for incredible proliferation.

This business has such extraordinary growth potential at its fingertips. It can be scaled in several ways depending on the expertise of a new owner or the roadmap they decide on. It is a money-making machine waiting to be switched on.

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Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 392,492
Gross Income
$ 1,251,262
Year Established

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