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SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand | CPG Brand of Artisanal Crystal Products & Membership Training Platform | 14 Years in Business

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Website Closers® presents a seasoned online company that has 2 divisions: an eCommerce brand, and a membership-based training platform. The brand specializes in the sale of artisanal crystal products such as wands and pendants, singing bowls, chimes, jewelry, and sculptures, available through its curated eCommerce platform. The other side of the business is a subscription-based platform that offers comprehensive metaphysical training and education, culminating in certification through hands-on internship experiences.

The brand has been analyzed by our lending partners and pre-qualified for an SBA Loan. This status allows Qualified Buyers to purchase this deal for as little as 10% down, with the balance of the SBA Loan amortized over 10 years.

Unlike many industries, which struggle with diminishing returns in the face of new technologies, the crystal industry is predicted to enjoy significant growth over the next decade. This company is in a great place to take advantage of this rising market, lacking any contractual obligations or debts due to being bootstrapped since its inception. Their suppliers and contractors are also dependent on them for their revenue, giving them another edge to work with.

Business Broker Takeaways 

  1. Fantastic Recent Growth. Though the brand was established in 2010, its eCommerce arm has enjoyed especially strong growth over the past 5 years through strategic investments in product diversification and revenue expansion. Their efforts have paid off in a consistent 38% growth trajectory over the last 4 years, bolstered by an extensive catalog with 300+ unique, meticulously crafted products.
  2. Diverse, Dedicated Customer Base. Their online training program was designed to cater to individuals who are either curious about metaphysics or are already deeply engaged in spiritual exploration, intuitive development, energy management, spa therapies, wellness practices, alternative healing modalities, and other similar practices. This program is hosted on their dedicated subscription website and has a thriving client base that has diversified the brand’s revenue.
  3. Long-standing track Record. The brand has an excellent track record and reputation as a leader in their niche. Their integrity and top-of-the-line customer service have given them an established customer base and glowing reviews. Additionally, they face few direct competitors due to their unique specialty products and training programs, which increase their demand.

Supply Chain

The brand has 10 suppliers currently in their network, with the bulk of its inventory primarily being sourced from 5.60% of its top-selling products created by 3 lapidary artisans, 2 of which operate within the US, while the remainder are based in Asia. Several smaller suppliers contribute to the rest of their inventory, which ensures that the brand can offer a diverse range of products without being overly reliant on any one provider.

This business, being home-based, requires minimal operating space, with only 400 square feet divided between storage and office.

Customer Acquisition & Demographics

The brand pairs a multifaceted digital marketing approach with its substantial organic traffic flow. Their strategy consists of email funnels and a solid social media presence across Meta, YouTube, and Pinterest platforms, as well as paid Facebook advertising. They conduct their video content creation in-house, after which they send it to an agency for ad placement. Current ownership has also recently implemented Google Ads, which the agency is also responsible for.

Some additional marketing efforts the brand uses include affiliate marketing, influencer collaborations, and a rewards program.

The company’s typical customer is a married, educated woman in her 20s or 30s with an average salary of $69,000-$82,000. This customer is an avid social media user who often references it for product advice, uses crystals to promote calmness during her daily ritual, and, while not religious, is spiritual and a firm believer in social causes.

Personnel & Transition

One of the current owners spends roughly 30 hours every week on the eCommerce store. Her key responsibilities consist of adding new products, website updates, administrative tasks, procurement, customer interface, and employee and contractor management. The other spends 5 hours on the training and education institute and another 10-12 in mentor sessions.

The company also employs 3 part-time workers who handle the following tasks, respectively:

  • Website and App Management, Content Creation, and Email Conception and Scheduling
  • Social Media Presentations and Ad Creation
  • Product Photography and Shipping

The sellers have reduced their involvement after 2 years of compliance preparation for the sale, which, combined with their strategic market positioning and efficient sales technologies, will allow the brand to easily be transitioned to a buyer with little interruption. The sellers are also interested in working with a buyer post-purchase to facilitate the establishment of necessary relationships to ensure continued growth and profitability.

Together, these qualities make them an excellent pick for a first-time buyer looking to step into the online space, or for a veteran entrepreneur interested in adding another fine business to their portfolio.

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WC 3369

Asking Price
$ 650,000
Cash Flow
$ 152,860
Gross Income
$ 641,224
Year Established

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