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SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand in the College Party Novelties Vertical – DTC & Amazon Sales Channels – Buy for 10-15% Down – Strong YOY Growth

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Website Closers® presents a 6-year-old eCommerce business that has found the perfect niche in the College Party Novelties Market. They sell delightful novelties, shirts, and accessories all relating to having a pint with friends, making them great additions to any party. The company sells Direct to Consumer, and as they own all of their intellectual property designs, they’re able to private label products for wholesalers and distributors as well. Each of their assortment of brands also enjoy registered trademarks with the USPTO, mitigating any risk of the company’s assets being stolen.

An exciting opportunity for this offering is that it has already gone through the SBA Pre-Approval Process and is now pre-approved for funding. This allows a Qualified Buyer to purchase this business for as little as 10% down. Putting just $32,500 down on this business, which has $85,000 in current profit, allows a staggeringly quick return on this investment … and since the preferred lenders we work with already love this deal, it should give a good deal of comfort to a buyer that the “second set of eyes” provided by a bank can help ensure the deal is solid.

The brand offers 68 SKUs across their sales channels and provide a comfortable amount of variety in their offerings. Along with their shirts and accessories, they also sell key chains, party belts, and affordable beer bongs, one of which is trademarked for their infamous shotgun drinking event. These beer bongs are made with FDA-approved plastic tubes, making for a sturdy, non-toxic product that allows for excellent liquid flow. Their custom design is made specifically to empty beer cans in two seconds flat, which is helpful for people hoping to impress their friends.

Their key chains are also impressive, serving a range of functions when drinking. Whether a customer needs to open a bottle or beer, puncture a hole for a shotgun, or genuinely wants to keep their keys in order, this 4-in-one multitool is perfect for getting the job done.

The company’s other brand belts and holsters. The beer belts provide enough room for 6 cans, come in a variety of colors and styles, and are made with an insulated material to keep drinks nice and chilled. The liquor holsters also have plenty of room, being able to hold two bottles and 5 shot glasses. They also provide a single holster option, fit most sizes, and incorporate a specialized container. This container is both concealable and easy to fill, which makes it easy to bring to concerts, sporting events, and other public outings.

Instead of purchasing whole products, customers can also purchase spare parts, allowing them to keep their products in decent shape instead of regularly buying replacements. The company’s consumer base consists largely of young adults in their twenties, college students, and those who are more likely to be drinking during outings with friends. This is a massive market and there’s plenty of additional products that can be built for that market.

The company possesses a high amount of intellectual property, having established it over a remarkably short timeframe. On top of their branded businesses and products, they also own all of their plastic molds.

Along with their official websites, they also sell from Amazon, and have structured their business in such a way to let them excel on the platform. A third of their products are shipped through Amazon FBA, with the rest remaining in the warehouse for their DTC sales. They carefully inspect all units before sending them to Amazon, which ensures that all their products remain in the best possible shape regardless of sales channel. Their supplier also makes sure that the valves for the products are contracted to prevent leaks, and if a valve gets returned, they’ll quickly ship out a replacement.

Another supplier that the company has built a strong relationship with is a reputable plastics injection supplier. This supplier creates the high-quality material needed for the funnels and creates all of the molds within the US. The company receives around 8,000 feet of plastic from the supplier at a time, though by increasing their average order size, they could save in overall cost.

The business could quickly scale by selling from brick-and-mortar distributors, which they have already started the process of doing. A buyer could also outsource many of the tasks the current owners perform, such as packaging and plastic cutting, to make management more efficient. The company has many opportunities for growth, and if seized, could skyrocket within their niche.

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Asking Price
$ 325,000
Cash Flow
$ 85,701
Gross Income
$ 299,134
Year Established

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