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SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand – Offers Custom Made Auto Floor Mats – Strong Social Media Following & Repeat Buyer Rate


Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce business that provides high-quality, luxury made-to-order Vehicle Mats for their growing number of customers on their Shopify Website. This laser guided business has become very profitable and is primed to own major parts of the Auto Accessories Vertical. With its profitability, major appeal to a growing market, and genuine passion for the luxury look, this business is ready for the next level of success in the hands of the right buyer.

And since it’s SBA Pre-Qualified, this means that a Qualified Buyer can purchase this business for as little as 10% down and amortize the SBA loan for an entire decade at historically low interest rates using our lending partners. This is a great way to purchase a small business because it helps quicken the return on such an investment and keeps cash reserves in your pocket with such a low down payment requirement.

After operating the business for the past 5 years and adding a great deal of value to the business, the ownership is ready to sell the assets to a buyer that they believe can take it and grow it from here. Since the company first started selling products, the company has performed well. In just the last 2 years alone, there has been 200% growth. Additionally, there is a low level of seasonality with these products which sell year-round, including as popular gift items over the holiday season. Their Average Order Value remains at an impressive $200 as the company’s sales are conducted 100% on their Shopify website. Roughly 13% of their buyers have become returning customers and the business enjoys a healthy customer Lifetime Value between $800-$1,000.

This company is popular because they offer products that are built to last. That includes floor and trunk mat sets that feature Polyurethane, which is a highly respected material known for its durability, electrical insulation, flexibility, and color range among many other benefits. Customers can choose from single-layer and double-layer sets. The single-layer sets feature the leather and stitching materials while the double layers feature the same, except with coil mats added on top. More than 30+ SKUs are available as selections. The two top-selling products are the black mats with white stitching and the black mats with red stitching, which are both single layer sets.

These bestselling products are easy to install, while cleaning them is a refreshingly stress-free experience. The material is waterproof, which is an added bonus for car enthusiasts. Each mat set contains an anti-slip bottom so the mat remains firmly in place, XPE plastic coating to increase durability, a high-density foam layer that boosts elasticity, and high-grade, stain-repellent PU leather.

Every product is sold under the company’s brand name, which provides ownership of market space for the company.
The business is already enjoying international sales in markets that include the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. This means new orders are constantly coming in from a diverse customer base. Today, 75% of their customer demographic is men and 25% are women. Because the customer base is diverse and scattered worldwide, the demand for what this business offers is fully on display.

Consumers in respective industries continue to show interest in the company. A thriving social media campaign is helping to get the word out about their SKUs. Their Facebook business pages boasts 7,240+ followers who are actively engaged on their posts, and their Instagram page has 15,200+ followers as well. All their online content is produced inhouse. Followers also interact well with the video content the company produces.

Another attractive aspect of this business is the operations needed to run it. The business has very few employees and does not require any storage space for inventory — both offering low overhead to a buyer. Three out of 5 employees work part-time, including the owner. Daily tasks consist of financial management, marketing, operational management, and customer service. About 15 orders are processed and shipped per day, and up to 20 customer inquiries are made daily. Depending on growth opportunities, this workforce will be easily manageable for the owner.

The company website is well organized and simple to navigate. High-quality digital graphics of cars add sexy flare while white lettering and hints of red compliment the overall theme of the site. Dropdown menus are conveniently placed up top, where visitors can see where to go to fulfill their visit. Also, a chat box is readily available for each visitor for their convenience. A remarkable 41,000+ people visit the site every month, demonstrating how strong their organic traffic is. Brand awareness certainly has benefited the company’s sales. Their email database is a major asset with 20,000+ email subscribers. This company has enormous potential to double its profits, and fast. Call Website Closers® today to learn how to buy this company from our brokers!

This Ecommerce Company is Represented by:
Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers
WC 2616

Asking Price
$ 550,000
Cash Flow
$ 194,032
Gross Income
$ 1,174,510
Year Established