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SBA Pre-Qualified eLearning Business | Clinical Research Certification Programs | 80% Net Margins | Very Easy to Train & Transition | Company Grows Every Year

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Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Qualified eLearning Business that provides online, accredited, and advanced clinical research certification courses that are ideal for individuals looking to enter or advance their careers as senior clinical researchers. The team has trained thousands of transitioning professionals with its globally recognized training material.

A significant factor setting the company apart is its instant enrollment on-demand model, suitable for those of any experience level. All material is accredited by IAOCR, ACCRE, CHEA, CME by AMA, or others.

SBA Pre-Qualification

The company is strong financially, which has allowed it to be pre-qualified with our Lending Partners so that a buyer of this business can achieve an SBA Loan to purchase the business.

Our Lending Partners work extensively in the Tech Sector and have a portfolio of underwritten deals that match this business. We only pre-qualify our clients’ companies using proven lenders that we have closed hundreds of previous deals with, and that have knowledge of a particular space.

With an SBA Loan, this business can be purchased by a Qualified Buyer with as little as 10% down, amortized over an entire 10-year period … all at industry low interest rates, which can be refinanced down the road once interest rates fall. This helps buyers that use this lending vehicle achieve an ROI on their down payment very quickly while freeing up cash flow for expansion or other endeavors.

Revenue Generation

Currently, seven courses are available, ranging from $100 to $450. Fees can be paid upfront or in installments over four months, after which students gain lifetime access to the material. The courses are self-paced and can be completed at a speed that best fits the client’s needs, typically between two weeks and two months.

This approach has proven highly lucrative, yet tremendous room exists to boost the top and bottom lines by implementing a subscription-based model that would allow access to the course material after a client has completed it or by setting a timeline for recertification. Additionally, expansion into an organization to keep clinical researchers engaged could yield lucrative results.


The owner has astutely kept paid advertising to a minimum, focusing instead on refining SEO to attract customers. This provides the best return on investment, making the business visible to the most extensive user base at minimal marketing cost. The owner monitors metrics regularly and, when necessary, consults with a specialist to adjust the website for optimal performance.

Other efforts include consistent posts on Instagram informing readers about the courses and relevant information to help boost search relevance. This provides a minimal return on investment alone but supports the SEO work.

Management has recently begun working with influencers in the medical and clinical sphere to promote the brand to a new audience. They have seen increased enrollments with micro-influencers and are making efforts to improve and boost the campaigns.

Finally, they maintain a small Google Ad presence, but because their rankings on the search engine are excellent, this is performed on a small scale.

Customer Base

Typical customers are working professionals between 20 and 50 in fields adjacent to or including Clinical Research. As the business has become more established, the client base has broadened to include pharmaceutical and clinical organizations consistently using these courses to train their staff.

The recent monthly average for actively paying clients is 175, and since inception, the total paid client enrollment count has been over 4,400. These numbers have grown significantly, evidenced by annual enrollment numbers increasing from 97 in 2019 to 1,500 in 2023.

Workload & Transition

Twenty-five hours weekly are currently required to run the operation. The owner initially managed this individually but trained another individual to take over to run it absentee, which will help ensure a smooth transition of the business, post-closing.

Primary tasks involve maintaining course material, marketing, and daily business operations. Contractors are used as necessary to handle SEO, customer support, and website updates, and this team could be expanded as necessary based on the continued growth of the company.

Although the courses were built based on the owner’s own experience and knowledge of the industry, they have been set up so that one does not require experience to run the company. A buyer without expertise in the niche can easily hire a contractor with a clinical research background to assist when needed for continued growth of training materials.

The team is willing to stay on board for some time to ensure a seamless transition and continued success. The owner will be available to provide any further information and is open to maintaining a minority equity position or playing a long-term strategic advisory role, depending on the wishes of a new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 1,675,000
Cash Flow
$ 337,469
Gross Income
$ 408,813
Year Established

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