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SBA Pre-Qualified Shapewear eCommerce Apparel Brand for Women with a Focus on Waist Trainers, Wraps & Body Gloves – 29% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Social Following

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has captured the hearts of a lot of women buyers with their attractive and life-affirming shapewear products, including their premium waist trainers. The company grew quickly in the past 5 years, bolstered by their very smart use of social media to expand their customer base, drive sales, and encourage repeat buys through their life-affirming messaging built around promoting self-worth and body positivity. That’s given this brand a unique place within this fast-growing niche vertical in the ever-lucrative apparel industry.

The company’s strengths are clear from not only the loyalty of their customer base and innovative use of social media, but also their SKUs. While the apparel industry remains one of our most profitable, the global shapewear market is growing at a phenomenal rate as well, now worth $2.26 billion and projected to reach $3.8 billion in value by 2025.

Shapewear, a popular type of undergarment designed to alter the wearer’s body shape, is driven by advances in shapewear fabrics for different types of shapewear, including bodysuits, girdles, corsets, control panties, control slips and brassieres. The new product innovations cover different body areas (tummy, buttocks, thighs), which is increasing demand for these items. With millions of women in the working world, these products now enable them to keep their bodies in perfect shape and look appealing.

The shapewear industry has also benefitted from influencer and celebrity endorsement, another reminder of the significant role that social media plays in driving sales of these products. With the ability to offer high quality, a stylish look, and a positive social message, this brand has found itself in an enviable position to build on their current success and become a leader in this lucrative vertical. A review of their history will demonstrate the smart moves they made to get here.

The company mixes products with training education. For the people buying their products, this has become more than just a company to purchase from. This is also a community. As a premium waist trainer store, the company has built its success not just on its 11 SKUs (with 350 variations that include plenty of different sizes and patterns) but also through a popular educational component that their social media accounts have helped to facilitate.

The company’s YouTube channel, which has 182,000+ subscribers, showcases their videos providing waist training education and lessons on best practices.

Their active Facebook Group, which has 32,000+ members, has become a community forum where women can describe their waist training journey, post photos, encourage one another to take 30-day challenges, and support one another as they practice waist training together.

That sense of community has helped drive sales. With an Average Order Value of $78, the company is now shipping 125 orders per day. Their customer demographics include women between the age of 20-40, and they have demonstrated a particularly strong appeal to Spanish customers in the U.S.

They understand how to communicate with buyers. While their Facebook Group and YouTube Channel provide the company with a huge amount of organic traffic that drives sales, the company has employed additional marketing tools to attract new customers.

With 54,000+ subscribers in their email database, their email marketing campaigns (including flash sales) are boosting profits, and their revenue is also growing thanks to PPC ads they run on Facebook and Google. They also benefit from an affiliate marketing campaign that pays a 10% commission to affiliates, mainly through the use of coupons and deal sites for women.

Their organic traffic has also expanded thanks to their SEO program, which uses keywords and content to boost their search engine rankings, and their blog helps to advance many of the educational training concepts that they promote, as well as their life-affirming messages about appreciating one’s body.

These tactics are working. The company now averages 80,000+ unique visitors to their website, and their Repeat Customer Rate recently shot up from 23% to 29% and rising.

They operate with an evergreen niche. This niche vertical has become a massive one, and this company is the perfect example of that, having enjoyed gross margins at 80% and higher in recent years. Their competition is not particularly strong, giving this company the ability to further solidify their position in this lucrative space.

The company has the ability to scale quickly, including by adding their SKUs onto sites such as Amazon and Walmart, introducing new products such as tummy slimming creams and a sizing program, and by bringing on a coach to work with customers to help them achieve their waist training goals and reach their ideal figure. There are also scale opportunities available by expanding their social media reach to new sites such as TikTok.

This is a highly automated business, one the current owner spends just 5 hours per week operating, focusing on managing PPC ads and overseeing quarterly inventory orders. They use contractors to handle SEO, customer service, and fulfilling orders.

This business is a real beauty, one that goes above and beyond simply offering products to their customers. It also excels at making them a part of a thriving community built around their business goals.

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Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 576,278
Gross Income
$ 3,400,534
Year Established

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