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SBA Pre-Qualified | Tech-Enabled Document Automation Software Provider | Fortune 500 Clients | 25+ Years in Business | High Customer LTV | Absentee Owner

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Website Closers® presents an SBA-Pre-Qualified Tech-Enabled leader in Document Automation Software, which has been helping businesses convert paper documents into a secure, organized, and searchable electronic library. This has proven to be a cost-saving solution for their clients, enabling them to make more accurate business decisions.

With SBA Prequalification, a Qualified Buyer has the opportunity to acquire this fantastic business for as little as a 10% down payment, with the balance of the SBA Loan amortized over an entire decade at market competitive interest rates.

The company has expertise in the digital distribution and storage of documents and just celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company has built up a client base across multiple leading industries, from small to Enterprise Fortune 100-sized organizations. The company continues to attract new clients by continuously adapting to new technologies emerging in this high-demand field.

Service Profile

The company provides a variety of services for its client base, particularly companies that own an IBM I or IBM Midrange and are looking for document management solutions. Using a carefully strategized SEO campaign that takes maximum advantage of keywords being used in search engines, the company continues to attract up to 6 new leads every month. Clients come to this agency for services that include document capture and scanning, printing supplies, maintenance, and environment-saving solutions for document generation.  Their signature offering is an automated document creation and distribution platform for businesses, and it has brought them clients in 15 different nations.

Digital document management makes organizing company records and data faster, easier, and more efficient, eliminating the need for physically filing paper documents while reducing errors.  This market is poised for remarkable growth in the next decade. The global Document Automation Software market is now valued at $5922 million and is expected to grow by a projected 15% through 2028, to $13830 million. Document automation has become crucial for both small, medium-sized, and large enterprises eager to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce costs and turnaround time, prevent fraud, enhance compliance with state and federal laws, and enjoy easy integration into an advanced and user-friendly software platform.

This business represents a clear opportunity for a U.S. Buyer to acquire this company and then scale it by targeting industries that need secure storage options for their digital documents. That can include government agencies, health care, and other leading industries.

Business Broker Takeaway 

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for a profitable Tech Company with a solid customer base and the ability to become a leader in this growing field. We are excited about this business for 3 important reasons:

  1. Low Marketing Budget. With the company’s success using SEO to drive sales higher, the agency no longer has a paid marketing budget. Their SEO has been a powerful engine for organic traffic to the company’s website, and so has the traffic generated through the brand’s social media and blog posts, and their email marketing campaigns. This creates a tremendous opportunity for a new owner to grow the business through a vigorous new content marketing strategy that delivers the message to large industries that their services will help those companies save money and improve efficiency.
  2. Turnkey Operations. The company’s operations are handled by an experienced and skilled team that includes a general manager, and employees in charge of programming, social media campaigns, managing code, and selling supplies. This operations team, so efficient at managing day-to-day tasks, will be transferred along with the business to the new owner. The current owner works as little as 15 minutes per day and has been hands-off for the past 5 years, so the buyer can focus on scaling the company rather than devoting hours to managing it. The current owner is available to provide support during the transition.
  3. SBA Pre-Approval. A significant advantage for a buyer is that this company offers SBA Pre-Approval. For a buyer, that means this company can be acquired for a little as 10% down, then amortize the loan over the next decade at low interest rates. SBA pre-approval is a process that examines your financial position and eligibility for an SBA loan based on several factors, including credit score, business history, and financial outlook before determining the specifics of your loan package. SBA loans offer several advantages for business owners, including long repayment terms, a wide range of loan amounts, and set maximum interest rates.

The Opportunity

Now 30 years old, this company has used its expertise to become a leader in Document Automation, staying ahead of the competition through its signature offering, an automated document creation and distribution platform for businesses. The platform also works for capturing documents from outside sources.

In addition to bringing in new clients each month, the company is attracting some very high-profile clients, many of them featured in the Fortune 500.

In addition to clients on an IBM, the company also offers its clients an open platform that can be used outside the IBM iSeries field. This has also helped the company attract a wider range of businesses and industries.

The company is likely to continue growing since digital storage has become such a high-demand industry. With multiple services to offer, the company has a track record of helping clients eliminate cumbersome paper-based workloads, and the costs associated with it.

Instead, their web-based content management solutions eliminate the time and cost of printing, storing, and sharing documents. This has made the company popular with its clients in the past, and it remains a service that businesses in a host of crucial industries are eager to take advantage of.

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Website Closers

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WC 3397

Asking Price
$ 1,590,000
Cash Flow
$ 321,340
Gross Income
$ 942,258
Year Established

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