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SBA Prequalified eCommerce Brand in the Hunting, Fishing & Hiking Apparel Vertical – Thriving Community on Social Media

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand in the niche field of outdoor apparel. They have created a clothing line for customers eagerly looking for just the right kind of comfortable clothing for activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and exploring the great outdoors. Outdoor apparel has become a lucrative field, and this company has excelled at finding an audience for their t-shirts, hats, tumblers and especially their hoodies. With a fully trademarked brand, and products that have become enormously popular as giftable items, it’s no surprise this company is enjoying 65% margins and an 84% Year Over Year growth rate.

With more than 500 SKUs available and a thriving presence on social media, the company is likely to quickly dwarf past sales, particularly with a smart scale plan to manage their growth. They already have the benefit of operating within a profitable niche vertical. A growing consumer interest in outdoor activities is helping to drive sales of outdoor apparel, and so is the growing interest in sports and physical activities. The global market for outdoor performance apparel has soared past $21.4 billion and is projected to grow by 4.6% through 2027.

There has been an upsurge in the market expansion of clothing designed to improve the flexibility and ease of use when people are outside, and so has the escalating number of people participating in physical activities of all kinds. The audience is there for these SKUs – something this company has amply demonstrated. Let’s review their history to understand how they built up their loyalty customer base.

All products are sold under their brand name. This company’s proprietary and trademarked SKUs have been available to customers for two and a half years, and all designs on their clothing are created by their in-house designers. With an Average Order Value of $64, sales are strong, and customers are starting to come back to make new purchases: the company enjoys a 12% Repeat Customer Rate, and that percentage is rising quickly. The company works with a third-party vendor that prints, ships and stocks their inventory on all sales, and they have grown to more than 500+ SKUs, with new items being added regularly. That includes the introduction of Long Sleeves in 2022 to further diversify their product line and for upsells.

Their products have become particularly popular as gift items. The company receives a huge spike in sales from their customers during the holiday season, and the start of hunting and fishing season are also very strong sales months. At this point, though, their customer base is expanding so rapidly that sales remain solid throughout the year.

Marketing has become a major tool for them. The company understood from the beginning that in order to attract a healthy number of buyers, they needed to find ways to engage their target audience. Social media has become their key tool for doing that. The brand posts regularly, often 3 times a day, on sites such as Facebook and TikTok, where branded memes have helped drive engagement. To further attract and expand its customer base, the company launched a VIP group on Facebook that now has 10,000+ members, fans who are given exclusive access to discounts, sneak peaks at new products, and early access to giveaways. This has become a thriving online community where customers can ask questions, help one another, and share information about their hunting and fishing experiences. Their social media platforms have attracted large numbers of followers, including 49,800+ on Instagram and 48,000+ on Facebook. Their social media accounts have done an exceptional job, giving the brand 141,000+ Unique Monthly Visitors to their website.  But they have other digital marketing tools they have employed to drive sales.

Their brand is unique in another way. The company donates 10% of every purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Their SEO program includes an informative blog on their website, and the company runs PPC ad campaigns on Facebook and Google to drive additional sales. With 14,680+ subscribers in their database, email marketing also plays a key role in growing their customer base.

This is a highly automated business. The drop ship method has worked well for this company, and they do not stock any items. Everything is outsourced except for the branding, designs and customer service, which are done by their team, which includes a full-time brand manager and a customer service manager. The current owners would welcome staying on as consultants on an as-needed basis after the acquisition.

This company has attracted a large and quickly growing customer base for clothing perfectly suited for the outdoors, and available only through them with their unique designs. That’s proven to be a winning combination with their audience, and this company has some clear scale options, including expanding their sales channels to include sites such as Amazon, targeting their products to the wholesale/retail market, and partnerships with influencers to expand their following.

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Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 587,607
Gross Income
$ 2,879,472
Year Established

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