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Scaling B2B LATAM Nearshore Staff Augmentation & Software Engineering Specialists – Unique Business Model – Unparalleled Growth, Enduring Partnerships, and Limitless ROI.


Website Closers® presents a thriving B2B Company that delivers top-tier IT solutions for leading brands. Their primary focus is Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services, which helps to build dynamic and motivated teams connecting companies and tech experts around the globe.

The company’s core focus is on helping its clients to work with remote teams. All of their engineers are Senior and located around the globe, ensuring quality and proximity in terms of time zone, culture, and even physicality.

The company has been steadily growing for many years. Post-pandemic, many others finally realized that the mobile work model is highly efficient and that their teams could work from anywhere. That includes other countries where many have found a rich resource pool and affordable pricing for those resources. Research indicates that the trend will not only continue in this vein for the foreseeable future but will proliferate.

Management treat their employees generously and has developed an organization dedicated to culture. Combined with excellent benefits and compensation, the result is a loyal, happy staff that stay for long tenures.

In contrast, this company’s competitors are typically staffing firms that do not care about their employees. They are merely connecting the dots and taking a slice.

New clients typically start with an MSA to reach agreed-upon terms. Once engaged, the spectrum expands as the team is adept at defining precisely what the client needs and wants. They have built-in touch points to manage the client and the scope, measure progress and identify new issues arising outside the scope that may also need to be addressed. This is the business’s primary strength, allowing it to capture new work with existing clients.

Payment structures work on a tiered pricing model. The more resources a client leverages from the company, the lower the billing rate will be for everyone involved. It’s ordinary for clients to spend around $150,000 in the first year and then expand on that year over year until it represents millions. The business model is specifically designed to start small and then expand as clients see the value and the partnership evolves.

Client relationships are nurtured through results and trust, and they quickly realize the growth potential for their businesses after the initial engagement. Some customers started at $15,000 monthly and now spend $100,000 or more. Lifetime value could be millions or even tens of millions.

The typical client approaches the business with a problem they cannot solve and have been unable to solve for a long time. This typically manifests itself as a combination of skillsets that are just impossible to either find or afford and market pressure to be able to provide services to their clients at a speed or rate that they cannot accommodate internally.

This is where the business shines. The rock-solid team of recruiters, HR managers, and senior leadership work seamlessly to identify the need, provide solutions, and locate and vet the team clients’ needs to succeed. The partnership position with clients allows for flexible terms and structure, and the management team and culture ensure proper fit, quality, and even retention of team members for many years. Aside from being efficient, cost-effective, and delivering quality results, a key differentiator for the business is that it attracts the best talent and retains that talent through the company culture and management process.

The business enjoys year-round revenue and experiences little seasonality. July through September tend to be busier, while November through January is slightly quieter than the remainder of the year.

The company continues to grow through new clients and additional services provided by existing clients. The team is highly skilled at managing and nurturing client relationships.

Word-of-mouth referrals primarily drive revenue generation. Apart from writing articles to post on LinkedIn, the company engages in no digital marketing. This is chiefly why the owners are looking for a strategic partner with complementary skills to join them, as the return on investment would likely be favorable for all parties. A strategic marketing campaign and ad spend would be invaluable and substantially boost the top and bottom lines.

The owners focus primarily on operations, management, IT support, administration, finance, business development, client retention, and client management.

Additional employees are all full-time remote contractors from all over the world, mainly from Latin America.

The core team comprises the founders, recruiting, HR, and marketing teams. The client-oriented team includes developers, QAs, BAs, and DevOps.

Expansion opportunities are immense, and the business has only scratched the surface. By marketing to the right organizations, revenue could easily triple. Focusing on developing products that companies can use for accessibility and financial services plug-ins could reap even bigger earnings.

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Asking Price
$ 4,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 992,875
Gross Income
$ 3,100,000
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