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Scaling eCommerce Brand in Children’s Toys & Kitchen Verticals – Nice Sales Mix across Seasons – Amazon FBA


This unique opportunity is an eCommerce Brand operating in the Toys and Kitchen Categories, which allows a nice mix of sales across the year to diminish seasonality issues. This Private Label Brand is 100% Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), requiring no warehouse space, workers or the normal headache that comes with warehousing and storing your own inventory. A laser-guided approach to brand and SKU development, this brand regularly sees Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice Badges across its ASIN assortment.

And with 7 Virtual Assistants and an owner more than ready to not only properly transition the business to a buyer, but also teach the Amazon Way for 3rd Party Sellers, this represents a great business opportunity for a buyer looking to get into eCommerce, yet not start up their own brand from scratch.

The company has not had any issues form the Coronavirus Pandemic; in fact, since the business is solely eCommerce and selling on Amazon, sales have excelled and are doing even better during this unfortunate tragedy. This success during hard times will prove the company’s value proposition. 

The business offers unique, fun, functional and great quality products in the kitchen and toys niches. Their kitchen SKU’s consist of a mortar and pestle kitchen tool, while the toy section features a trendy slime kit. The business is the leader in the ‘slime market’ using unique and fun add-ins to create the biggest variety of slime on the market. They have proprietary recipes that actually work, and copyrighted designs as featured on their high traffic Facebook and Instagram channels. Also in the works is a Slime School – which can be a bonus with purchase or a standalone product.

Twelve carefully picked SKU’s are sourced from China, branded and retail ready. All FBA and all Prime delivery, these SKU’s are the perfect moderate price point at $21.51 average per order. The business enjoys a strong relationship with two main suppliers and two backup suppliers who are currently working on 5 new products expected to go to market in the summer of 2020. So not only does a buyer get the ongoing cash flow from current business operations, but the buyer also gets the ongoing benefit of the current growth trend seen in the run rate, but also gets the benefit of an almost 50% increase in SKUs, already created, sourced and ready to go.

The small number of SKU’s makes this an easy business to manage, with current management working 20 hours per week, concentrating on new product selection and launches. 7 VAs work remotely from all over the world, making this an ideal business for a jetsetter that can be operated from a phone or laptop from any location, worldwide. No office space necessary.

Marketing has been concentrated heavily on Amazon PPC, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email blasts and postcards. All sales are directed to Amazon (and SellerCentral) and all products are Prime. Amazon seller rating is 5 stars with 740 ratings. The Business runs Lightning Deals resulting in Best Seller Badges and they also enjoy many Amazon Choice Badges (badge ownership varies from day to day).

Lots of scale here, with expansion to international Amazon channels, as well expansion to other platforms including Shopify, Walmart, and eBay. The future is bright, if new owners concentrate on engaging influencers and brand ambassadors and developing new products in both the kitchen and toy lines, this could truly be a gold mine.

This Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC 1092

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 360,000
Gross Income
$ 1,418,832
Year Established

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