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Scaling eCommerce Brand in the Home & Office Safes Vertical – 15 Years in Business – Full Infrastructure in Place – Valuable Exact Match Domain


Website Closers® presents a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Brand in the Home Safes Vertical. For 15 years, this business has been a leading provider of all major brands of safes using highly proficient logistics, supply chain management, customer service and sales to service the industry. All Safes are shipped direct to customers with the option to have professional White Glove Service install the safe in the home or office. There are tens of thousands of customers in the company database, ranging from consumers to business owners and organizations and government offices.  City and State Police, Sheriff’s Departments and Federal Government offices and other law enforcement bureaus are but a few of the regular customers enjoyed by this business.

Operating on a sought-after Exact Match Domain and a well-known leader in the space, the company also sells products under its own trademarked brand of safes. The company’s in-house brand was built several years ago, but has not been fully developed, partially due to the massive demand in the Safe Industry over the last 3-4 years. But because there are so few competitors in the safe industry, there remains a strong opportunity for a buyer to more fully develop the in-house brand into not just home and office safes (the products currently sold), but also safe accessories, sporting goods and so much more. The trademark the brand operates under is historic and can work well in a number of adjacent verticals.

The company does not currently sell anywhere other than its website, but expansion into Walmart, Amazon and others would be a smart decision, especially with the in-house brand.

Besides the sale of its in-house branded products, the company operates through hard-to-acquire relationships with the largest safe manufacturers in the world. These relationships have all but been shut off to new entrants, making them even more valuable to an acquirer. Through the years, the company has grown to become the go-to online website for safes and will be a huge opportunity in the hands of a strategic buyer already in the space; there is over a decade of valuable data collected and housed in the CMS that can be used for further development of the in-house brand and cross sell opportunities.

Value Propositions associated with this business include the aged history of the brand in search algorithms, vendor relationships that are nearly impossible for newcomers to build in this space, a loyal following after 15 years in business, a large amount of daily traffic, growing YOY sales, and an in-house brand that is ready to be scaled it the right hands.

The business can be efficiently operated with the current team in place, which includes a customer service team (6-man team of Philippines-based VAs that answer calls 24/7), 2 full time sales representatives based (virtually) in the United States, 1 VA that helps on a part time basis with the Scratch & Dent and Damage Claim Filing Processes, and 1 VA to handle all pricing and product updates (this VA is a CPA in the Philippines). We also recommend that the buyer of this business be an Owner Operator instead of passive (as currently operated). The business currently runs as a division of a larger corporation and needs more attention by an owner. The team that currently provides Sales Calls for the company has a deep understanding of the safe industry and work remote, making a transition an easy proposition.

This business was purchased 9 years ago by the current group that owns it, and the ownership of that group has very little involvement in the day-to-day activities due to other much larger division distractions. Only high-level direction is provided at the moment and what the business needs is a person that can roll up their sleeves and really focus on growing the company, which has the ability to grow to $50-$75M in Revenue with the right investments over the next 3-4 years. And well above this once the in-house brand is more fully scaled.

Margin Opportunities for this business includes: 

– Invest in full size safe inventory to provide Quick Ship options and better margins
– Move the business to a Shopify storefront (more flexibility in charging handling fees)
– Shift the business from Free Shipping to a pay by zip code model
– Build relationships with Safe Manufacturers for better deals and pricing
– Build relationships with others in the industry to provide product referrals
– Create an Influencer & Affiliate Network – highly vocal demographic
– Fully Developing the In-House Safe Brand & add sales channels
– Create your own B&M Dealer Network (offered better pricing)

The in-house brand was created several years ago, and utilizes a U.S. based manufacturer of safes to provide a white label product for the brand. This brand has higher margins than most other products sold on the platform, and can be further developed by building relationships with additional U.S. manufacturers that are willing to white label products. Additionally, given the order history from thousands of customers over the years, new products specific to the brand could be developed to further build out the brand.

All in all – this business is ready to accelerate in the right hands.

This Company is Represented by:
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WC 2599

Asking Price
$ 3,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 774,782
Gross Income
$ 7,061,645
Year Established