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Industry Leader in the Person Search Industry - 5x Growth Potential From Suite of Newly Developed Products - 30 Million Visitors Per Year


Website Closers® presents a dominant player in the Person Search sector via Reverse Phone Number Lookups.  This dynamic offering has seen its profits skyrocket over the last two years by providing users with a quick resource for finding out actual, real information about any person behind a phone call. These shockingly detailed background reports are available for just a small transactional or monthly fee. Having recently developed a myriad of new, additional service offerings, this booming company is on the precipice of even more dramatic growth of 5X or more.

With an average customer contract of $35, this company’s sales have been continuously increasing, not just because of its own growth as a company, but due to the industry’s growth as a whole. This scaling market sector has become more and more relevant as it is now common practice to screen calls. From blocked callers to telemarketers and spam, this company has made its mark by helping clients identify any number.

As more and more people refuse to answer calls from unknown sources, they begin to wonder who was calling and why. As a proven source of invaluable information, this business has seen its customer base rise rapidly. They now have a growing email database of 700,000+ subscribers and are averaging more than 2.5 million visitors each month. These numbers can be scaled exponentially with the development of stronger marketing tactics and improved brand awareness, neither of which is the primary focus of ownership at this time. However, their current ranking through Google and PPC ads are doing a tremendous job of delivering ROI and qualified leads.

With Net Margins of 20%, this business has a solid foundation while being ideally positioned to scale. While the site currently focuses 100% of its marketing efforts on its reverse-call lookup service, they have recently built out a range of other products including background check reports, person search, person reports, reverse email reports and reverse address reports. The marketing campaigns for these new services have not been launched yet, giving a buyer an enormous opportunity to increase profits by creating awareness for these new offerings.  Even without these add-ons, the company had Net Income of $365k in July alone!

This promising investment manages its marketing efforts solely through PPC ads run on Google. Expanding the company’s advertising channels in general to include SEO practices and more offers clear opportunities for long-term growth. Just a few powerful strategies are launching a social media campaign, engaging in retargeting, and tapping into that massive email database for new email marketing initiatives.

As cybercrimes related to cell phone and text message spamming have become a serious and rampant issue, more and more people are turning to services like this one to fight back.  This brand has a simple but effective approach to tracking personal information. These practices serve to form a lucrative foundation for unrivaled growth in this globally scaling industry.

Due to an incredible level of organizational optimization, the current owner works only 30 minutes a day and has all customer service and ticket management handled by a staff of seven plus a management supervisor.

By partnering with companies who use big data processing, deep web indexing, and proprietary algorithms to search billions of records, their search results can contain highly detailed information that relates to the phone number or individual being searched. This company’s searches cover hundreds of millions of people and billions upon billions of data points. This data is updated in near real time to provide the highest quality search reports.

Today people are using these services to:


  • Know more about a person or a company whose cell or telephone call they missed.
  • Learn about a call or text message from an unknown sender.
  • Secure information about the real identity of a potential scammer.
  • Find out who is texting or calling their child or significant other.
  • Double-check the legitimacy of a seller or merchant.
  • Verify important information about a person or business.
  • Learn more details about a potential date, future roommate, babysitter, or new neighbor.


A key reason why this service is popular is that users can learn practically everything relevant about the cell phone owner. Besides name and age, reverse phone number search reports can contain:


  • History of residence (current and past addresses)
  • Photographs
  • Possible relatives and associates
  • Employment history (name of employers and places of work)


Leveraging a powerful national database, this strategically developed acquisition is experiencing rapid growth with no signs of slowing down. This is an innovative business and an amazingly scalable opportunity for a buyer. From current sales numbers to the proper launch of their newly developed services, this company is a veritable gold mine for any business-minded new owner.

This is a thriving but simple business model that has an extremely direct correlation between ad spend and profit.  After the initial start-up phase that was heavily focused on customer acquisition, the company’s impressively large email database is a clear sign of how many users have taken advantage of their service. Their numbers are still growing by an impressive 30,000 to 40,000 new clients per month.

During the company’s growth phase in 2020, the brand experimented extensively with ad campaigns, ad copy, user LTV based on user CPA, and also payment plans in order to spur growth and to optimize the spend.  This experimentation drove traffic in extraordinarily strong numbers. Already seeing tremendous returns on improved marketing tactics, this company has proven opportunities to scale across their industry through both increased ad spend and through adding the new services just developed.

A remarkable niche offering, this phone lookup service holds an enviable Google standing due to its long-time success and various PPC campaigns. Building on this, a new owner could look to improve branding through social media presence build-out and marketing practices such as lookalike targeting, email marketing campaigns, content marketing in the field of security and threat assessment, and other proven advertising strategies.

Today, the People Search industry is booming and has an unshakable future as the technology behind it continues to improve. This company’s phenomenal growth and consistent recurring revenues demonstrate how a well-managed business in this niche field can soar and attract valued customers. Additionally, their popularity continues to grow, seeing tens of thousands of new customers each month and a limitless opportunity for even more through their new, compelling offerings.

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