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Scaling, Well-Mixed eCommerce Brand in Kids, Pets, Sports, Home & Office Categories


This opportunity is an exciting eCommerce Brand selling in a number of high demand categories that results in low seasonality and a nice mix. This scaling business is operates primarily as an Amazon FBA Retailer. The brand has quickly become a go-to resource for a large array of products in the Sports, Kids, Pets, Home, Kitchen and Office categories. The brand is accelerating year over year and has a number of growth opportunities immediately available. The company is currently only focused on the Amazon Sales Channel, but it is positioned well to begin focusing on additional sales channels, like driving more traffic to its branded Website, other online retail Channels and Amazon International. Ownership is willing to remain involved, and open to retaining equity should a buyer be interested in that. The business has clean books and records and tax filings and is ready to undergo due diligence.

This eCommerce Retailer has 60+ private label products offered under its single, primary brand, selling everything from Slackline Kits, Ballet Barres, Lava Lamps, Artificial Plants, Display Cases, Decanters, Pet Waste Stations, Kids Play Tents, and so much more. The products stand out thanks to carefully crafted packaging, excellent follow up customer service and support as well as super high-profile videos, product images and content.

This Internet Retailer has taken a specific approach to how they choose the products they sell. Their system has proven itself to be successful in nearly 100% of all products launches to date. The system looks for the following in each product developed:

-High margins – 30%+ margins

-Low competition – in most cases, less than 6 competitors

-Barriers to entry

-Easy to rank on page 1 in less than a week of launch

-Sustainable profits through moats and barriers to entry: each niche is evaluated before entering to ensure barriers to entry are present to sustain profits

-Longevity: Most products that were launched 4 years ago are still as profitable as they were when launched.

-Patents and trademarks: numerous design patents and trademarks

-Top quality imaging and videos

-“All weather” portfolio: Given the diversification in the portfolio across categories, the portfolio is well protected against disruptions and unprecedented events in any one category, which results in lower than normal seasonality. Even when the pandemic hit, while sales of select products were affected (travel, wedding related), the overall sales and profitability of the portfolio zoomed by more than 200%.

-Fly under the radar: Given the micro niches the company operates in, they fly under the radar of competitors and black hat players. Their niches are small and highly profitable, and hardly see any new competition. Hence ensuring the sustainability of profit.

-Seasonality handled through diversification

The company is launching another 17 products on a go-forward basis, so a new owner will be well positioned with not only a highly diversified array of highly profitable, well reviewed products across a number of categories that is already scaling nicely, but also 17 new products that are likely to see the same kinds of success seen in the prior 60 product launches.

The owner is open to selling 100% of the company, where transition will be quite seamless and efficient and relocation to anywhere in the world is possible as no physical location is necessary. The owner is also willing to remain on with a buyer to work with them as partners in taking this already highly successful business and scaling it further. Maintaining equity will be entertained for the right buyers.

This company has built itself atop an easy to run, low overhead model requiring zero office and no warehouse overhead, eliminating the need to deal with large employee or office expenditures. Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program is utilized for all pick, pack, and shipping needs, reducing the need to deal with or ship products from its own warehouse.

With a low necessary workload based on current sales, this business is already scaling organically on its own. A new owner can choose to run the business as is, and reap the rewards, or to invest in the growth of the company, which primarily would be simply through the acquisition of inventory to begin selling on other channels and internationally, which will be quite easy using the tools provided by Amazon. Situated for scale in a variety of ways, this business is ready for expansion into almost any international channel and would be any easy addition to the Amazon Europe and Asian markets, wholesale brick & mortar, distribution to other online retailers that focus on the Outdoor Segment and even other segment-leading channels such as,,, etc. – all potent ROI investments, this business is a ripe opportunity for the entrepreneur of almost any skill level.

This eCommerce Brand Represented by:

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2085

Asking Price
$ 13,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,949,306
Gross Income
$ 10,319,116
Year Established