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Social Media Driven, Bali-Inspired Women’s Fashion Apparel & Accessories Brand – eCommerce Sales in 20 Countries

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that started out as a passion by its owner, who quickly discovered that women in 20 countries shared her desire for a uniquely designed line of apparel with a bohemian spirit and a reputation for ethically sourced products. Whether it was designs that customers couldn’t find elsewhere or the company’s commitment to ensuring that its workers are paid a living wage under ethical conditions, the brand has developed a strong reputation and loyal following. Through the brand’s Facebook page, customers interact like a community that has discovered one another through their shared interest in the company’s clothing line.

That loyalty has allowed the company to perform well year over year and expand its product offerings to appeal to a wider audience. With a thriving social media presence (82,800+ followers on Instagram and an additional 13,000+ on Facebook), the company continues to expand its customer base while operating in the enormously profitable field of specialized clothing lines.

The fact that this brand’s clothing line is entirely proprietary gives a buyer a significant advantage in a field where competition can be stiff. Having a specialized brand provides a massive amount of traction and the ability to thrive and grow in an immensely profitable industry. In 2020, global retail sales of apparel reached $1.9 trillion U.S. dollars, and were projected to rise above $3 trillion by 2030.

In the U.S., the apparel market was valued at $368 billion, with eCommerce bringing in more than $100 million in revenue. With the internet increasingly influencing consumers’ buying habits and social media sites playing a rapidly growing role in generating sales, the eCommerce market for retail goods is projected to increase profits at a healthy pace.

For a buyer, this company represents a highly desirable opportunity to become not just an active participant in this booming industry, but a trendsetter as well.

Launched in 2010, the company was created after its founder visited Bali, and while there, had the inspiration to create an angel wing kimono. The owner made 12 of them with the intention of selling each one to friends. Sales quickly took off, and this project was instantly transformed into a full-time business. Their signature product has since been expanded to a wide number of other SKUs, which have grown to 133 SKUs with 907 variants. Their product line has since been expanded into new categories that includes their own jewelry collection.

Today, 95% of their sales are for exclusive items. Their products are sourced directly from producers and artisans in Bali, and in addition to their own specialized designs with a Bohemian Spirit, the company has built up a reputation for ethical sourcing. That includes insisting that workers making these products get a livable wage and requiring the fair treatment of every worker involved in this supply chain.

The company has also sought to ensure that all products are environmentally focused. The company carefully targeted its market. The brand has grown considerably in the past decade, just as there has been an increasing demand for bohemian fashions worldwide.  Some of their customers have clearly stated on social media that they support this clothing line because they support the ethical positions the company stands for, while other buyers have reflected on the beauty of the apparel. The company’s cosmic designs embrace the free-spirited outlook of their buyers.

The company sells its SKUs worldwide and while sales are stable throughout the year, profits do peak in the summer months when their kimonos and dresses seem ideal for the season. Sales benefit from a high Average Order Value of $350-$450, but because of their rising Repeat Customer Rate and customers who make multiple purchases, their Customer Lifetime Value is higher at $525.

The brand is generating revenue in at least 20 counties, with the U.S. and Australia as the top nations for sales. Up to 30 orders a day are being shipped from their warehouse, and the company stocks 100% of its inventory. Because of the high number of sales being generated, the company averages $150,000 in inventory, and new orders are placed monthly.

Social media is a key driver of sales. Social media has generated a tremendous boost to many brands that specialize in apparel, and this one is no exception. Instagram and Facebook have been instrumental in driving sales, both through organic traffic and by PCC ads on Facebook. For many, the customer journey begins with the marketing the brand has done on these social media posts, since so many customers engage with them through their sites. Social media has been crucial to driving demand for the brand with the high quality imagery showing how models look in their kimonos and dresses. The company rarely has to “sell” their SKUs on social media; their photos do that for them.

Email marketing has also driven sales higher. The company has an email database of 24,000+ subscribers, and their emails have been critical in introducing new product lines to maintain customer interest and to increase the lifetime value of their brand.

This company’s success owes a lot to one person’s vision, and the current owner is interested in staying on post-acquisition for several years as a designer.

The owner also has eight employees, an experienced team that covers multiple tasks, including marketing, inventory and order management, product research & development, accounting, customer service, website updates and fulfillment and shipping. That team can remain in place after the sale. Apparel is a highly profitable industry, and customers are constantly looking for what’s new, trending, and exciting. Since this brand has some proven methods to scale, this investment is one certain to bring impressive financial rewards to a buyer. Contact Website Closers today, and our brokers can walk you through each major benefit this offering provides.

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Asking Price
$ 504,000
Cash Flow
$ 169,243
Gross Income
$ 1,110,775
Year Established

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