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Social Media Driven eCommerce Brand in the LED Lighting Projectors & Accessories Vertical – 133,000+ Monthly Site Visitors – No Marketplace Sales Yet

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Website Closers® presents a truly illuminating offer for a company that has taken social media by storm. The business is laser focused on providing unique projectors offering a variety of LED lighting. These projectors, which provide rooms with a field of drifting stars against a color-adjustable nebula cloud, have drawn highly enthusiastic reviews from customers who love the way it transforms the mood and atmosphere of a room.

This is a success story that demonstrates the power of social media in helping to build a brand. Launched in 2020, the company developed several proprietary products, including the light projector, a mobile phone-controlled LED light strip, a USB mini star projector, and a moon lamp. Creative marketing became the key to getting these products in front of a mass audience, including through a highly effective influencer marketing campaign. Instagram was a crucial aspect of this strategy whereby influencers were used to promote postings and to show before and after clips of their room with and without the projector. These promotions helped give the brand a massive 30,400+ Instagram followers, and drove an enormous amount of organic traffic to the company’s website, which now averages 133,330+ visitors per month.

TikTok also played a critical role in their rapid growth. Influencers were also used on TikTok, and they were able to capitalize on the growing popularity of LED products across various TikTok platforms. As the company’s TikTok followers shot up to 30,000+, those influencers helped make the projector one of the most sought-after products on TikTok. Those influencers were utilized for user-generated content and promotions which have helped generate more than 2 million views so far.

The company’s skyrocketing sales are equally impressive because they’re conducted entirely on their own Shopify website. The company does not yet utilize other popular eCommerce platforms or marketplaces, such as Amazon, Target and Walmart, although this represents one of the best options for rapidly scaling this business. Expanding onto any of those eCommerce titans would enable the brand to present its SKUs to a much larger audience, and to take advantage of Sponsored Ads on Amazon to boost the products and help introduce them to prospective customers. But social media continues to present new and unique growth opportunities for this brand, and that opportunity is only in its infancy.

It should be noted that LED lighting represents a rapidly growing niche field. The global LED lighting market was valued at $50.91 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by a tremendous 12.5% through 2028. Considered highly efficient, reliable, and cost effective, this industry has shown dramatic growth in the LED lamps segment. These lamps are popular with consumers and a preferred choice over incandescent lamps and are available in multiple designs and applications, including lamps and reflectors.

In just a year, this company has grown to 15 SKUs, with an average order value of $52. All products are sold under their brand, and their projectors have been the top-selling product, making up 91% of sales, followed by the phone-controlled LED strips and the LED moon lamp, which both account for about 4% of gross revenue. Seasonality has not been a factor in their sales to date, with the products averaging healthy sales year-round.

This has become an efficiently automated eCommerce website; the current owner now devotes 8 hours per week to running it, with the top focus on marketing and coordinating with influencers. The company has three full-time employees that include a customer service agent and two influencer outreach agents. Daily tasks include responding to customer service inquires ((which average around 12 per day), speaking with influencers, running paid ads, sourcing custom content, and managing the social media accounts.

Once orders come in, their main products are held at their fulfillment center, with all other products drop-shipped by an overseas agent. For their held stock, they average between 20 and 40 shipments per day. Drop-shipped items average 5-10 shipments per day. The company stocks up to 2,500 units at all times, and places inventory orders every 60-90 days. Within just more than a year, the current owner has put together a remarkably well-oiled eCommerce machine.

The company has additional ways to scale quickly beyond use of Amazon and Walmart for new sales opportunities. The company now has a massive email database of 18,540+ subscribers, which could be very efficiently used for future email marketing campaigns that include promotions, special deals, and upsells.

The company has an SEO program, which has helped them grow rapidly courtesy of the high level of the backlinks on their website. Most of those were achieved through thousands of separate Twitter posts, since the company has received more than 500 million impressions on Twitter. In fact, Twitter promotions have become one of their largest sources of traffic and additional revenue.

Both SEO and Twitter offer big growth opportunities. The company could launch a blog on their website to continue the growth of their SEO rankings, and those blogs could be posted on their Twitter page, since it has already given their products significant levels of customer attention.

Other opportunities include running more ads on Snapchat for retargeting purposes, running PPC ads on Facebook to help build brand awareness, and utilizing more PPC ads on Google to help direct traffic to their website.

The company also utilizes an app on their Shopify site that allows anyone to become an affiliate and receive 10% of the revenue for each lead they generate. This is a program the company is now slowly building up, and it offers huge growth opportunities for the future.

Finally, the company has the obvious option to continue expanding their SKUs, with a focus on projectors that provide LED lighting not just for indoor use, but outdoors as well.

Since launching, the company has received sky-high praise from customers who are happy to give their projectors infallibly glowing Star reviews and glowing recommendations. There’s no question that their products attract a wide audience. Having achieved a tremendous amount of success in such a short period of time, a rapid increase in profitability is highly achievable by a new owner ready to take this eCommerce site to stunning new heights.

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