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Socially Conscious eCommerce Brand | Baby Products & Outdoor Accessories | Sales Mix is Half DTC and Half Wholesale | Low Ad Spend | 30,000+ Monthly Uniques

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Website Closers® presents a high growth eCommerce Brand operating profitably in the well-established and evergreen fields of Baby Products and Outdoor Accessories. What connects the two brands is the company’s long-standing commitment to both environmental protection and promoting eco-friendly products. This has enabled the nearly decade-old company to successfully build up a loyal following among consumers concerned about sustainability.

The Mission

The company wisely recognized the growing public demand for baby products made from recycled materials, which are considered healthier to use and don’t negatively impact the planet. The company successfully markets these SKUs to Active Outdoor enthusiasts, a rapidly growing demographic since the 2020 pandemic lockdowns.

Eco and sustainable products are now an enormously valuable commodity to these two consumer groups, especially among Millennials and Gen Z buyers, indicating that sales of sustainability products will only get stronger in the future.


This Brand Does Well at Retail

This company enjoys healthy sales not only from its customers but also from its increasingly large base of wholesale accounts. Leading retailers and boutiques eagerly buy and stock their products. The company’s sales are evenly divided, with half being DTC sales from their Shopify website and 50% from those B2B accounts.

As sales rise, the company has the added benefit of a highly efficient operation and well-executed marketing plan that drives the company to new highs each year.

Start with the company’s trusted and reliable relationship with its supplier. All products are custom designed for this brand and sold under the company’s label. It’s a prosperous business arrangement that enables this company to meet custom demand, including during peak sales times. Products are Dropshipped by the manufacturer for quick deliveries.

The company’s marketing plan is equally effective at expanding its customer base and attracting new buyers. Email marketing to 5,400+ subscribers and a social media strategy that builds communities around their products and eco-friendly topics are giving the company high levels of organic traffic. The company now gets 30,000+ Unique Monthly Visitors to its website from the organic traffic being generated from these marketing campaigns.

This is a company that has grown quickly in two lucrative niche verticals, and it’s worth noting how they accomplished this.

The Company

Sales are rising for the company, which is now over 8 years in business, giving this brand a nearly decade’s strong track record of building up an enthusiastic customer base.

The company was founded by people who are in love with the outdoors and committed to environmental preservation – and who are parents. The founders understood who their target audience was and how to appeal to them.

This business was then launched as a premiere outdoor unisex brand for the baby market, built around eco and sustainable product solutions geared to both parents and the active outdoor family lifestyle.

The current ownership enhances its brand recognition not only from its 32 SKUs (which include popular diaper bag backpacks made from recycled materials) but also by working with environmental organizations that promote sustainability and recycling. The company also works with agencies assisting low-income pregnant mothers by sponsoring a Give Back initiative that allows customers to send in their used bags in exchange for a discount code for a new one.  Bags that are too old to resell are donated to organizations assisting local moms.

With an Average Order Value of $78, sales remain solid year-round as the company meets the demand for baby-related products and builds credibility with outdoor enthusiasts. They are particularly popular with Millennials between the ages of 28 and 45, who have given the company a Lifetime Customer Value of $255.


The company has an excellent relationship with its supplier, which has been able to manufacture products that meet the eco standards of  Bluesign, an organization promoting sustainability by tracking and verifying a material’s path along each step of the manufacturing process. That helps this company justify its claims of 100% sustainability in all products.

This company owns the rights to all its products, which are exclusively sold under its brand label.

Their products are conveniently Dropshipped by the supplier, with around seven orders now being processed daily.

Operating now in two enormously profitable ones niche verticals — the Outdoor market is a $682 billion industry, while the Baby Market is valued at $67 billion – the company is likely to continue growing at a healthy pace. Leading retailers such as The Gap and Nordstrom, and a host of independent boutiques, now purchase their products, giving the company a fast-rising percentage of B2B sales.

Sales have been driven higher by the company’s digital marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign is used to introduce new products, promote sales, and highlight events within the sustainability movement to the brand’s 5,400 subscribers, while the company also uses its social media accounts – with 6,700+ followers on Instagram and nearly 1,000 on Facebook – to boost customer engagement.

A blog on the company’s website also works to expand their customer base, and because their online traffic is almost entirely organic, the company spends less than 3% of its revenue on marketing yet continues to attract a larger audience thanks to its successful content marketing strategy.


This company’s commitment to sustainability has been a strong marketing tool for them and enabled the brand to attract a loyal, devoted customer base for its Outdoor and baby-related SKUs, all made from eco-friendly materials. Finding success and high sales in two immensely profitable niche verticals, the company now offers a buyer steady recurring revenue, a committed audience, and the ability to grow quickly by launching new products or simply by expanding sales channels to popular platforms such as Amazon.

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Asking Price
$ 600,000
Cash Flow
$ 221,144
Gross Income
$ 383,060
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