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Software Company Offering Proprietary Platform for Stock Trading, Monitoring and Education


Website Closers® presents a highly unique, subscription-based SaaS provider that offers proprietary technologies in both monitoring and advising software for stock traders across all major markets as well as training and educational materials within the same category. Product Offerings include a Stock Picking Service, a Stock Indicator, Auto Trader offering and a Trailing Stop Loss Indicator.

This fully owned and exclusive in-house software tracks institutional traders as they change their bids and offers, defining the exact moments when users are selling high or buying low, then delivers buy and sell signals in real-time based on proven strategies. Used commonly for day trading, career trading, swing trading and position trading, this innovative technology provider has created functions across trading styles.

Working on all markets and trading platforms, this product provides solutions that span stocks, futures, ETFs, commodities, forex, and bonds no matter when you trade. A cutting-edge and completely unique Software Company, this business carries limitless opportunities to scale which include advertising on popular trading platforms, integrating services with eSignal and creating relationships with trading classes, teachers, and institutions. Well poised for impressive growth, this unparalleled offering is an incredible opportunity as either a bolt on to an existing service offering, or for a new entrant into trading.

With a consistent 36-month average retention rate, this company carries an immense subscriber base. Operating on a $147 per month subscription package, this business drives unparalleled organic traffic and growth. Thanks to this company’s proprietary, innovative, and automated SaaS platform, it requires negligible overhead and can be effectively run by any interested buyer, anywhere in the world.

With a current portfolio of almost no marketing or advertising initiatives, this promising company is perfectly positioned for rapid and continuous growth. With opportunities across the digital space in PPC, SEO, organic media, paid media, and so much more, this successful company is sure to skyrocket its profits with the help of an engaged new owner.

Working in unison with technologies such as Ninja Trader and Kinetick, this business offers subscribers a comprehensive array of software packages, data feeds, and platforms that will increase the returns of any level of trader. Their in-house software also integrates seamlessly with eSignal, TDAmeritrade, Schwab, and other top of industry entities to drive both value and continued use.

Providing an extensive content library, cutting-edge software, amazing tools, and effective industry integrations, this incredible automated platform offers everything a trader could need, no matter their experience level. This unique, proprietary SaaS system features hands-off ownership, incredible profit, and unimaginable potential making it an extraordinary investment for any interested buyer.

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Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2128

Asking Price
$ 879,000
Cash Flow
$ 320,683
Gross Income
$ 356,207
Year Established

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