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Sports Nutrition Brand with Proprietary Blends – 50% Wholesale & 50% eCommerce – Supplements, Superfoods & Powders – 51% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a Sports Nutrition brand that is taking the country by storm. The brand offers a wide variety of Proprietary Supplements, Superfoods and Powders, including pre-workout, post-workout, neural focused, protein powders, keto coffee, anti-aging blends and much more. This company is not a “standard” Sports Nutrition business – they have cultivated a strong brand following with a focus on fitness across a number of channels. They have built a real business that is ready for scale. From their amazing brand graphics and packaging to their endless online videos, eBooks, online training app, apparel and gear, they have created a true cult following that has now extended beyond fitness consumables.

Customers are raving about the great taste and quality that comes from every product sold by this company. And this has proven to be the difference maker for this brand where they now see a 51% Repeat Order Rate, making it a highly sticky brand with Average Order Values at $90.

And Growth? Absolutely! They grew 63% in 2021 over 2020 and are projecting to grow another 25% just in the next 6 months alone. Combine that with the recurring revenue element of this business and the brand recognition and this is turning out to be a CPG Monster that still has years to reach into the Billion Dollar Valuation it is sure to elicit with the right ownership.

At a time when more Americans than ever before want to bulk up and stay fit, this company’s health supplements made from plant-based proteins have become a go to resource, prompting the company to test and roll out new products, including an anti-viral immune booster that is already showing enormous promise to become a top seller.

Launched 7 years ago, this brand has successfully developed an increasingly expanded audience for its products. That combination of appealing taste and proven results before and after the buyer gets into their workout regimen is driving demand. Succeeding in attracting a large customer base in this niche space points this brand to a phenomenal future: the global health supplements market was valued at $140.3 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow by 8.6% through 2028. The market for immune health supplements is also projected to grow rapidly.

This company has the added benefit of some excellent scale opportunities, and a compelling story to tell.

Their products are unique and custom-made. Building a brand that approaches $10 million in annual revenue over just 7 years is a major accomplishment, and the company accomplished that by making innovative and differentiated health products. Made from plant-based protein, the company went a step further and created them as protein drinks that taste just like milkshakes. That’s right – drink a milkshake and get plenty of health-boosting proteins.

The company designs and sources every product as part of its research and development process. More importantly, every product starts with a response to a need or desire that’s been identified among their target audience. Products are manufactured to respond directly to what customers are looking for, and all their 40 SKUs are 100% custom and sold under their brand. The company continues to launch new products, including in 2022 as they roll out a new fat loss/weight management product with projections for rapid growth.

Their customer base is highly responsive. With their Repeat Customer rate soaring, sales remain solid throughout the year, with sharp increases in the summer and early fall, and, not surprisingly, sales are explosive at the start of the year as people make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. Their top demographics are young professionals between the ages of 24-40, many of them are experienced supplements customers who have been on a fitness journey for a while and know a good product from a bad one.

Because plant-based protein is a growing part of the supplements industry, this company is a respected market leader. Their Vitamin Shoppe wholesale business now makes up 40% of their overall sales, which doubled from 2020 to 2021. eCommerce is also growing nicely.

Customer Service and Fast Shipping are hallmarks of their success. To ensure customers get their products quickly and efficiently, the company stocks its inventory, and current make up to 300 shipments per day.

Their sales channels are varied, with 50% of revenue coming from eCommerce and 50% from wholesale, with the company now in over 900 locations nationwide. Their wholesale contracts are growing as new stores and doctor’s offices contact them regularly. Among their eCommerce sales, 40% come directly from the brand’s website, while 10% comes from Amazon, a rising percentage of sales today and a channel that represents enormous growth potential.

Smart digital marketing techniques have helped expand their customer base, including running PPC ads on Google, Facebook, and Snapchat, running a weekly blog on their website, and email marketing to a database of 30,000+ subscribers. Their organic traffic is massive, averaging 70,000+ unique monthly visits.

Two of this brand’s strongest attributes are its loyal customer base and specialized and original products. This is an incredibly well-built company poised for a major growth spurt as more Americans become interesting in boosting their health. Contact Website Closers to learn more about the amazing opportunities available through this offering.

This Sports Nutrition Brand is Represented by:

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Listing ID: WC 2548

Asking Price
$ 7,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,812,735
Gross Income
$ 9,641,370
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