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Subscription-Based Cyber Security Provider – Website Encryption Solutions – 70% Repeat Customer Rate


The target is a leading Recurring-Revenue, Subscription-Based Cybersecurity Provider, specializing in Website Encryption Solutions. This Tech Company offers basic recurring web security certificate packages as well as more premium, managed service offerings for advanced security packages that offer protection features geared broadly toward enterprise level customers. This business gives customers transparent access to customize their security solution exactly the way they need it. With a highly fluid, user-friendly portal-based interface, the operation is very simple and easy, highly mobile and easy to train.

This business features sterling relationships with all major certificate authorities, including DigiCert, GeoTrust and Trustwave to name a few. It offers clients everything from simple certificate holding & renewals to full system integrations, code review, live training and workflow planning … among other top tier services.

With 375 active clients and a 50/50 split of consumer end-users vs. wholesale and retailers, this business caters to any client in almost any space, casting an exceptionally broad net in one of the largest tech industry spaces today. With 11 Brands & 80 individual products available, this high margin business has a 70% repeat customer base and an annual contract average of $2,294. Holding multiple page 1 rankings on Google, this fast-growing company has long-standing, well-respected industry expertise at its disposal, and a stellar reputation in the highly competitive Cybersecurity Industry.

Thanks to the totally digital and relationship-management-based nature of this business, it is a completely turn-key acquisition opportunity with an existing team already in place to help manage the business – as such – ownership’s time investment is minimal. All overhead for this business revolves around contract labor or digital platform maintenance; thus, this is a lightweight vehicle that can be owned and operated almost anywhere, by almost anyone, thanks to its lack of dependence on other platforms or portals for conveying its broad range of services to its subscribing clients.


This Tech Company Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 313,100
Gross Income
$ 951,837
Year Established