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Subscription Revenue, B2B Consulting Agency – 8,500 Entrepreneurial Clients – Focused on Building Credit & Scaling – Nearly 100% Recurring Revenue

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Website Closers® presents an established Online Consulting Agency that has used a recurring revenue, subscription model to develop a client base of over 8,500 entrepreneurs that make active use of their services. Their company is dedicated to helping business owners build their credit and scale their companies. Their skill in providing these services has led them to rapidly grow in a competitive market where their help is sorely needed.

The digital age, and in turn, the rise of eCommerce, have drastically transformed and revolutionized the business world. While eCommerce can be very profitable for many businesses, it has grown steadily more complex and competitive throughout the years, making it difficult for many entrepreneurs to make their mark. The agency’s excellent one-on-one consulting services, coupled with their extensive digital resources, have won them the hearts of many clients that are happy to subscribe to make use of them. A subscription to their platform grants clients access to a digital resource center and downloadable assets. Thanks to their high level of overall client satisfaction, the company has quickly set themselves apart as a leader in a booming industry.

They have put in the consistent work necessary to maintain such a coveted status, having launched a freshly designed website last December to improve customer and user experience. The company has used this revamp of their site to build their existing client base, providing them with new, innovative products and services that are in high demand within their market. Their hard work has lent itself to consistent growth through their monthly subscription model, and a healthy Customer Lifetime Value of $880.

The agency’s key service is their business credit consultations, which include monthly credit reporting, providing credit lines, and, with the help of professional and highly experienced business consultants, guiding clients through the challenging process of scaling their company over time.

The online consulting industry is rapidly on the rise and will likely only continue to do so given the steady shifting in consumer interest towards eCommerce businesses and services. Many companies, regardless of their shape, size, or structure can find themselves struggling to adapt to the digital market and its technologies, making services like what this agency offers all the more important for business owners.

Their business scaling skills don’t just stop at their clients, however. The company has also proven themselves to be proficient in growing their own business through a combination of marketing tools and strategies, which have let them reach the heights that they have. Thanks to their success, they also have no shortage of scale opportunities, which puts them in the perfect spot for a savvy buyer to take over and send their revenue skyrocketing.

A look into the company’s history shows just how far they’ve come, and how they’ve accomplished it.

The agency centers around building other brands.

The company offers a diverse range of services to their clients, including coaching to train the proper business habits required to grow their own brands, fast and confidential assistance, and reasonably priced subscription plans that start at $11.95 a month.

Since their inception, their goal has been to provide affordable yet effective solutions to entrepreneurs regardless of their budget or needs, which has led to a business model that lets their clients pick and choose the services that best suit them.

They offer annual membership fees that can be paid in monthly installments and even let their clients cancel at any time if they ever feel the need to do so. Their flexibility, coupled with the general excellence of their services, have led to enthusiastic feedback and positive reviews from their clients, who praise their help in getting their own businesses where they need to be.

Even their sign-up process has been made as straightforward as possible, consisting of four easy steps. Clients start by creating an account, then go on to select their preferred plan, verify their business, and finally set up an appointment. Thousands of clients have happily done just that, and are still doing that, as shown by their onboarding rate of about 700 new subscribers each month, and over 200 transactions made every day.

Customers are finding them organically.

The heart of their marketing strategy has been their emphasis on SEO, which has led to many of their clients finding them entirely organically through search. The agency also uses paid advertisements to boost their brand even further, which has created a healthy and evenly-divided mix of organic, paid and referral traffic.

Their SEO campaign, being their key strategy, has been given a strong amount of attention since it was started. They make use of popular keywords, link building, and social media postings, to the point that the company is currently not running any PPC advertisements and uses no ad networks whatsoever.

Another useful advertising tactic they use is their email marketing campaigns. As they have a fairly large database of over 18,000 subscribers, their email campaigns have been able to increase their monthly recurring revenue by $10,000 in just two weeks.

An experienced team is in place.

The company employs four capable contractors who are responsible for handling customer service, information technology, and marketing. As fantastic customer service has been integral to their success, they heavily emphasize maintaining it, with their email response time to any inquiries typically being within 24 hours. The main exception to this is their highest-paid clients, who take priority and are usually responded to in 2 hours or less. Their customer support is great for clients who need assistance with customer issues and concerns, resetting passwords, and chargeback issues. Business consultations, however, are by appointment only, and for customers with active subscriptions.

This incredible acquisition will provide their buyer with plenty of options and flexibility going forward. They can choose to scale the business through expansion into new markets, a stronger social media presence, releasing new products and services, and improving their marketing efforts, or even sit back and simply enjoy the consistent recurring revenue that the company will afford them even in their current state.

This Online Company is Represented by:

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 3008

Asking Price
$ 5,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,647,440
Gross Income
$ 2,679,988
Year Established

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