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Thriving Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Home Textiles Vertical – 15 Patents in Place – 20,000+ Product Reviews on Amazon – 100% Positive Seller Rating

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Website Closers® presents a thriving Amazon FBA Brand in the Home Textiles & Decor niche, focusing on custom textiles in various colors, patterns, and textures. Their products have performed exceptionally well on Amazon, with over 20,000 product reviews and growing. Sales exploded during COVID and then came back down last year …and they are once again on a growth trend in the TTM.

When the company opened its doors 9 years ago, it aimed to offer beautiful home goods that would improve the aesthetics of its customers’ homes. The typical customer is a 20-50-year-old homemaker. The team carefully supervises the creation of each item and has always chosen skin-friendly materials to make the covers feel smooth and delicate to appeal to clients. The combination of style and substance has resulted in thousands of happy, repeat customers and glowing reviews.

Home décor is an effective way of portraying the lifestyle that a consumer believes in. products are used in the decoration of an apartment or a house with various accessories and furnishings to provide a more aesthetic and pleasant appeal to the building. This company specializes in some of the most popular and cost-effective items, including tablecloths, table runners, curtains, and pillowcases.

With increasing urbanization and globalization trends, the industry has steadily gained prominence across both developed and developing markets. Globalization enables consumers to avail themselves of such decorative items, designs, and ideas quickly and widely. Homeowners also realize the need for such articles and often search for them to keep their homes more attractive and organized. This brand has taken full advantage, considering that 66 percent of US consumers start their online product search on Amazon.

The company’s best-selling products are its pillow covers, which come in various styles and are produced from sturdy and long-lasting materials. Customized items, including Christmas and holiday-themed inventions, are created with distinctive textiles in distinctive designs. Sales are robust year-round, with a predictable and consistent peak during Winter.

The business makes use of a 100% stock inventory model and maintains around $300,000 worth of merchandise at any given time. Orders are placed weekly, with a seven-to-ten-day production time and a 30 to 60-day lead time to Amazon facilities.

The Amazon Account is 100% FBA. In contrast, the European store is FBM (fulfilled by merchant). Around 50 orders are fulfilled by the company daily from its 500- square-foot warehouse, but management is in the process of switching all orders to Fulfillment by Amazon.

The owner works only ten hours weekly on the business, focusing primarily on strategic growth. 12 additional employees work in the following capacities:

  • 4 eCommerce Operations Specialists
  • 2 Product Designers
  • 2 Sourcing Agents
  • 2 Marketing Staff
  • 1 Finance Manager
  • 1 Office Administrator

This company’s reputation, sales income, and customer reviews demonstrate its dominance in the specialized market of pillow covers. Given that PPC advertising on Amazon is the brand’s primary digital marketing approach, it is well-positioned to scale and has several options to do so.

Expanding sales to additional regions is low-hanging fruit since the existing reviews will immediately help products rank.

Additionally, the business has a Shopify-built website that links visitors to the Amazon storefront, which features over 20,000 favorable ratings across its 1,800 SKUs. Selling from the company website could improve margins, support an abundance of new marketing initiatives, and reach an entirely new audience through Google Ads, an aggressive social media campaign, affiliate marketing, and influencer partnerships. DTC sales have never been a focus of this business. But going this route would enable the brand to gather an extensive email database for cost-effective campaigns to promote new products, build customer loyalty, advertise promotions, and increase cart value at checkout with upsells.

Influencers are particularly valuable in the home décor niche, and astute use of Instagram and TikTok could boost revenue substantially. Facebook and Pinterest are also wonderful platforms to explore, and all avenues could be outsourced to an agency with little effort but a potentially vast return on investment.

Furthermore, a buyer could expand sales channels, including launching products on prevalent sites such as Walmart, Target, eBay, and Etsy.

The company based in China would likely witness an instant revenue increase if incorporated in the US.

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Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 552,844
Gross Income
$ 5,396,984
Year Established

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