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Top eBay eCommerce Seller of Consumer Electronics – Double YOY Earnings – Immediate Growth Opportunities Available

This business is an established top eBay seller in the electronics niche with a focus on the highly-desired Apple Product Line via an Ungated Account. This is a high impact, high growth opportunity that has achieved DOUBLE earnings from 2019 to 2020 and requires minimal OPEX to run. This is a unique procurement model for one of the world’s most desired brands, with aggressively priced daily deals that results in thousands of units sold daily. The business started as a proof of concept by two brothers and is now ready to be taken to the next level by a new owner, that with the help of software and minimal staff can grow it tenfold.

The business focuses on one the world’s most sought after technology brand, Apple. They acquire highly desired electronic inventory, sort, clean and present it to an end consumer for a healthy profit.  The business sells largely on eBay, taking advantage of their premiere status ‘Daily Deals’ account – less than 0.5% of top-rated seller accounts qualify. Daily deals are eBay staff-selected listings that are promoted by eBay on the eBay front page. In addition, the company’s Amazon account is ungated (for topical, cosmetics, OtterBox, and various other categories), which is extremely difficult to attain and highly desirable.

Average Order Value is over $300, seeing a huge spike in Q4 around the holidays. With over 106 products, inventory is 100% stocked, with some older inventory using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) fulfillment method. As the Amazon account is ungated for cosmetics, topicals, and OtterBox, sourcing and sending inventory to FBA is extremely easy and provides a very steady, safe recurring sales revenue.

A 300-500 sq. ft. warehouse houses a revolving $190k inventory that turns over monthly, which constitutes the majority of owner’s responsibilities. Current owners average 30 hours per week, dividing labor in half. Other responsibilities include monitoring active offers and pricing such while considering cashflow as well as projected and current sales. Both owners are willing and able to stay on to train new owners for handover.

Marketing has focused on organic ads via eBay (eBay promotions), combined with targeted Taboola native ads, as well as aggressively priced inventory. This leads to a very quick turnaround resulting in net profit of 15% on average. The business sees an incredible amount of traffic, with over 20,000 confirmed buyers in the email database and 200,000 page clicks.

Scale opportunities abound with an opportunity to add an affiliate network, social media, and eBay promoted listings. Other avenues that could lead to near instant revenue generation are to add the Walmart marketplace, Swappa and Target. Once channels are added, it will be easy to add branded inventory and accessories (such as branded cables, phone or tablet cases, portable batteries etc.). The Amazon account can easily be scaled up as well, taking advantage of the ungated status for OtterBox products as well as cosmetics – both of which are extremely easy to source and FBA. By continuing to leverage the eBay Daily Deals account for new products, aggressive pricing can easily generate thousands in revenue nearly instantly.

This is not a hands-off business, but it’s one that can certainly be amazingly profitable to a true entrepreneur. This is an opportunity to take the wheel of a well-oiled machine selling the world’s most in demand products.

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Listing ID:  WC2030


Asking Price
$ 2,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 590,007
Gross Income
$ 2,800,145
Year Established

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