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Unique Lead Generation Opportunity | Focused on Finding Attorneys for Women | All Organic Leads | 180,000+ Monthly Visitors | 95% Margins

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Website Closers® presents a unique opportunity for an acquisition into the Lead Generation Sector. This High Growth Internet Company specializes in helping Women locate Attorneys and Law Firms that provide the kinds of legal services that are crucial for women, including family, employment, divorce, personal injury, criminal defense, and business law. This specialization addresses a critical market segment, catering to the unique legal needs of women.

The most interesting aspect of this business isn’t just its focus on the highly valuable female demographic, but the ORGANIC nature of the traffic. All traffic flowing into this company is ORGANIC – given the high rank this company enjoys in search engines on keywords that matter, no paid ads are required to generate leads for the company’s clients.

Most leads are generated via web forms on the company’s websites, while others are obtained by phone calls from individuals who visited them.


Empowerment and Representation: The platform empowers women and the LGBTQ community by connecting them with skilled attorneys who understand and advocate for their specific legal rights and concerns. These include accommodating preferences for Female Attorney representation, if desired.

Client-Centric Approach: One of the websites focuses on individualized representation, where attorneys build strategies based on the unique circumstances of each legal matter. This client-centric approach is crucial in the legal services industry, where personalized and sensitive handling of cases can make a significant difference.

Expansion and Growth: Originally a resource primarily for women in California, now accounting for 43% of leads, the business is expanding its services to additional regions. This indicates vast potential for growth and the ability to tap into new markets.

Promoting Women’s Rights and Gender Sensitivity: By focusing on women’s legal issues and advocating for gender-sensitive legal support, the company aligns with contemporary social values, enhancing its appeal to a modern and socially conscious client base.

Bolt-On Opportunity: Law firms have the unique opportunity to acquire the websites and retain the leads they generate, ultimately transforming them into valuable clients. For illustration, if a law firm converts leads to clients at a standard 10% rate and earns an average of $2,000 per client, it would generate a monthly revenue of $320,000 for the firm. The right law firm can harness each website’s strong branding, lead generation, and website authority to engage and serve those needing legal help.

Payment, Marketing, & Scale

Contracts are in place with participating partners that outlines the terms of lead price, refunds, and their billing schedule. Lead buyers have their payment method on file and are billed monthly.

The digital marketing approach is highly effective and, more importantly, incredibly cost-effective. One site consistently generates around 1,600 leads per month and garners over 150,000 monthly visitors, entirely ORGANICALLY—without any paid advertising. The other consistently generates roughly 200 leads per month and similarly attracts over 30,000 monthly visitors.

Since inception, management has strived to create self-sustaining, search engine friendly websites that generate legal leads organically. The strategy has been to regularly publish informative blog posts relevant to the legal issues they aim to attract, such as “How to Serve Divorce Papers in California,” to target ideal customers. One of the sites boasts an impressive collection of over 5,000 such pages, while the other follows closely with nearly 1,000. The company has focused its business strategies on boosting organic traffic and lead generation through extensive content production and SEO optimization investments.

The company spends only $300 monthly each on Google dynamic search campaigns, primarily for boosting traffic rather than generating leads. These campaigns achieved a low average cost per click of 13 cents and a 4.36% click-through rate. Google Ads were paused in the summer to assess the strategy.

By nature, the niche is evergreen, so no seasonality in revenue is experienced.

Acquisition & Workload

Enticingly, a buyer’s working capital requirements are virtually nonexistent compared to revenue. $5,000 should be more than enough to pay operating expenses such as staff, Google ad spend, and miscellaneous operating expenses like GSuite.

The owners’ primary tasks for the business encompass overseeing lead intake, management, and sales.

The team comprises two independent contractors based in the Philippines that handle lead intake and management. They also manage all three websites. One website developer consultant assists where necessary with maintenance and upgrades.

The target buyer for these websites is a law firm looking to grow or a lead generation company seeking a strategic bolt-on to scale its operation, but really any buyer looking for a rock-solid online business should be interested in this very unique venture.

Regarding special skills needed to run the website, none are required besides a basic understanding of SEO and website navigation, all of which can be trained and is already cross trained among the staff. Note that generous seller financing will be available to a suitable buyer.

This Lead Gen Firm is Represented by:

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3247

Asking Price
$ 5,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,612,124
Gross Income
$ 1,658,756
Year Established

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