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Virtual Coaching & Nutrition Planning Internet Company – 6 Years in Business – US & UK Markets


Website Closers® presents an innovative offering in the booming Diet and Weight Loss Sector. This Internet Company specializes in Direct-to-Consumer Virtual Coaching and Nutrition Planning for those looking to get in shape, become healthier and develop energy via a more hands on, telepresence method. The website is chocked full of videos from users of the system that praise its capabilities and recommend it.

Carrying 6 years of established growth and a $2,300 Average Order Value, this is a turnkey opportunity for a fitness-minded buyer looking to get into the Health & Wellness Space, and most importantly, to help others as they struggle with getting their bodies into shape. With a diverse portfolio of services that are currently bringing in consumers from both the US and UK markets, along with more than 29,000 followers on Facebook as well as 19,500 members in their Facebook Group, this brand has an enviable following that has led to strong organic growth and market trust. In the evergreen industry of weight loss, trust and brand name are invaluable tools for lasting growth.

An easily operated business, the current owner spends 20-25 hours each week managing the company through team oversight, meeting orchestration, data tracking, and growth initiatives such as advertising spend and service development. With a highly skilled team of 7 full time and 3 part time contractors, this company operates incredibly effectively as it is now, but also can handle scale. The full-time team consists of a client success coach, a sales coordinator, an operations coordinator, a sales advisor, and 3 sales specialists. Meanwhile, the part time workers focus on media buying, email marketing and tech operations.

Strategies that can be used to bring in new clients include email marketing (this company comes with an email database of more than 34,000 contacts), SEO/PPC development and using an industry-wide practice of working with an affiliate network or group of influencers to reliably reach a widespread consumer base. Offering additional packages and services can also be a great way to maintain current client base and encourage others to sign up. With so many encouraging strategies for dynamic scaling, this company is on an incredible trajectory that an incoming buyer could easily expand or maintain for tremendous results.

Leveraging a multitude of fully built out services that are ready for relaunch, this company could swiftly and easily scale its operations. With additional opportunities for fitness events and challenges as the world returns to public events in the coming years. Other ways to grow this brand center on hiring more coaches and targeting other countries.

An offering with monumental value from sales, brand standing, and a large group of active followers, this acquisition has limitless opportunities for growth. This is an amazing target in the evergreen and constantly growing weight loss sector that boasts incredible client testimonials and a wide-reaching consumer base to drive unrivaled revenue. Carrying a skilled, international team along with many turnkey available services both ongoing and ready for relaunch, this business could bring with it lasting and sustainable success.

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Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2242

Asking Price
$ 670,000
Cash Flow
$ 179,303
Gross Income
$ 1,114,486
Year Established

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