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Well Established Brand in the eBikes & Mobility Verticals – Direct to Consumer eCommerce Sales – Ready to Scale into Amazon

  • Website Closers® presents a well-established brand leader in the eBikes and mobility industry. With rapid, organic growth and incredible year over year expansion, this eCommerce Retailer carries only their own proprietary eBikes and eBike parts, however, their bike accessories are from a 3rd party vendor.

The company is earning more than 50% gross product margin averages along with an average order value of $1,300 … leading to an incredible and reliable revenue stream. Leveraging only organic growth, social media, and word of mouth marketing to date, this online business has immeasurable opportunities to scale. From expanding selling channels and applying SEO initiatives to leveraging paid media and social influencers, this target is perfectly positioned to scale rapidly and sustainably through improved marketing tactics.

Additional growth for this promising company can also be easily achieved through SKU expansion with an extraordinarily strong opportunity in the children’s bicycle category as well as the mountain bike and eBike sports verticals. With limitless opportunities for scaling and unparalleled margins, this exclusive brand opportunity is an extraordinary investment for any capable buyer.

This rapidly growing brand is gathering awareness, customer loyalty and a strong community following through organic traffic, social media use, and word of mouth. While the company is scaling steadily as is, there are a multitude of opportunities for growth through expanded selling channels, paid media use, SEO and social media influencer partnerships. As a company that currently sells only through their owned website, this business’ growth could be skyrocketed by Amazon utilization and expansion into Target, both online and off. Additionally, as a sports lifestyle brand, leveraging social media for brand development could be a key to further success in this vertical. Finally, expanded offerings, especially into eBikes for kids and Motosports.

This highly profitable eCommerce eBike brand carries 5 unique and proprietary eBike models which each have size and color variation leading to an exceedingly effective product mix of 40 SKUs. eBikes are historically purchased by older generations due to the lower level of necessary exertion, however, this is rapidly changing as the market innovates and grows.

Current ownership manages the team of customer service agents and the software suite as well as oversees directional tasks and overall business growth plans. In addition to the owner, this company leverages 4 employees, an executive assistant, a software suite for managing the Website hosting, PPC, and SEO development and social media ads; and a call center based in the Philippines. The three employees include 2 customer service agents and a Chief of Customer Experience. This CXO manages customer experience as well as the customer service team and their oversight. The 2 customer service agents then specialize in handling any and all customer concerns that may arise.

This company is optimized for profitability, showing 50% Gross Margins, a minimal staff and leveraging a strong set of optimized software to keep operations humming at minimal overhead cost. The focus on direct to consumer sales has enabled the company to forge a strong and lasting brand relationship with its customers while maintaining high margins and a constant stream of innovation. And for a buyer with Amazon experience looking to use her skills to grow an off-Amazon brand, this is a unique opportunity to do just that. This impressive and strategic eBike company drives incredible revenue while carrying boundless potential … and as a cutting-edge, proprietary brand, this acquisition is well positioned to grow rapidly with the steady hand of a new owner to take it to the next level.

This D2C eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2141

Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,068,459
Gross Income
$ 11,484,256
Year Established

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