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Women’s Apparel Brand in the Convertible Luxury Niche | In-House, Proprietary Designs | Wholesale & eCommerce Sales | $200 AOV | 21% YOY Growth

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand enjoying 21% YoY growth and operating in the Luxury Women’s Clothing category, with proprietary inhouse designs that include 70 styles to choose from among 200+ SKUs. The company has a growing reputation in this industry due to, among other things, its multi-use apparel that gives each piece a personalized feel to each woman’s particular body and shape.

With unique, stylish designs made in the U.S., this trademarked brand is proving irresistibly popular with both DTC and B2B buyers. The company has even become a strategic partner with high-end retail hotel brands. 16% of the company’s sales are B2B (wholesale), but there is tremendous runway here to expand this retail presence.

The company’s additional strengths include being a cash-positive business with a 4-year profitable run, a strong base of customers, and a rising loyalty and retention rate among its buyers.

The Brand

The company’s popular Size-Inclusive outfits have resulted in higher conversions, more sales, and fewer returns, and they have several international trademarks on some of these outfits. With a solid $200 Average Order Value and a diverse digital marketing plan that includes the effective use of video ads, the company has a growing reputation in the evergreen Women’s Apparel industry, which is projected to reach a staggering $936 billion in 2024, making this one of the most highly profitable industries to be operating in.

The brand has also demonstrated the widespread appeal of this kind of convertible, sizeinclusive fashion. Their clothing is designed to wrap to the body for a customized fit, an approach that makes their clothing line accessible to women of all ages, sizes, and fits.

The result has been a proven track record of growth and profitability and a reputation for quality luxury items in the resort and swimwear sectors. These are proprietary SKUs, designed and produced by this brand, effectively marketed on their Shopify website. Considering the continued growth in the women’s apparel market and the fact that fashion trends change and are influenced so readily by social media, all market trends look positive in this field — and for this brand.

At the same time, the company has been steadily increasing its wholesale accounts, particularly for high-end buyers and those marketing swimwear. While 84% of sales are DTC, a rising 16% come from their wholesalers. All told, the company is enjoying steady 21% YoY growth as its products become better known.

The Company

Launched nearly five years ago, the company focused on creating its own line of women’s wrap clothing, which involves wrapping the fabric around the body, or a dress where one part is pulled over to partly cover another part around the body. Versatile and flattering, these dresses are also popular because they can be worn on any occasion.

Their outfits include dresswear, nightwear, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, and tops, among others. The apparel is manufactured in the US and India, and each item is entirely proprietary. Customers who like their clothing line can only get them through this brand’s Shopify website. While sales remain solid throughout the year, summer is their peak time for the highest profits. Sales are now being made across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, with a diverse demographic that includes women between the ages of 20 and 55, many of them frequent travelers who are looking for new and unique outfits. The Plus-size market remains a key aspect of their demographics.

The brand is now shipping 20+ orders a day. They now have numerous top-selling products so sales are not reliant on just a few items.

The company is also building up its wholesale accounts, developing strong relationships with the 65 reputable business partners they now sell to. These B2B accounts have largely come from the company’s presence at industry trade shows that highlight the quality of its clothing line.

Operations and Marketing

The current owner operates the business with the help of a part-time assistant who manages social media channels and email and SMS text marketing campaigns. Inventory is stocked in the company’s 300-square-foot warehouse for shipping, and at least $70,000+ worth of inventory is always maintained. That rises to $100,000 during peak summer months.

Their customer base continues to expand thanks to the company’s video ads run on Facebook and Instagram highlighting their most popular apparel, and these ads now drive 60% of their sales. Their email marketing to 30,000+ subscribers has been effective for upsells and the company’s Repeat Customer Rate has recently shot up to 16%.

However, the company utilizes additional digital marketing tools to remain competitive. The company also runs organic viral videos on all its social media accounts.

An SEO program that has optimized their website and includes an informative blog is delivering high organic traffic, as their website is now receiving an average of 20,000+ unique monthly visitors.

The combination of the company’s solid revenues, trademarked brand products that competitors don’t offer, and well-executed digital marketing campaign should be more than enough motivation for a buyer looking to secure a digital foothold in the thriving women’s apparel industry.

But this business presents another long-term advantage to the buyer. There are multiple excellent scale opportunities available to this business, including advertising more directly to the Plus-Size market, launching an international expansion, gaining exposure and recognition through televised shopping networks, and expanding onto additional sales channels, particularly Amazon and Etsy.

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Asking Price
$ 659,000
Cash Flow
$ 160,924
Gross Income
$ 485,238
Year Established

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